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Morey's job isn't to tell anyone outside of his organization the truth. So, I can't say I blame him for not living up to every last word that departs his mouth. But, I do wonder if you still believe in the Tooth Fairy if you choose to take his words for truth.
“I don’t worry about my job. I think I do a terrific job. And if you don’t then you should write it” - Doc Rivers after Philadelphia’s abysmally inept Game 6 elimination against Miami. Well Doc, allow me to take a stab at it. You see, the NBA is a...
We then wrapped up the pod with a new game show -- Could James Harden Beat This Thing Off The Dribble?
A previous regime let a star walk out the door just a few years ago. That star ended the Sixers' season on Thursday. Whether there's some scarring from that previous mistake, a true belief in what Harden has left in the tank, or both, the Sixers don't appear ready to let this star walk out on them. 
The injury occurred when Sixers center Joel Embiid fell into Green's leg as he attacked the basket early in the first quarter of the team's Game-6 defeat on Thursday.
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The Journey to No Way Home: Spider-Man (2002) Review & Analysis

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Easy On Me, reflecting on Adele’s latest single

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Singer-songwriter and female producer Jenna Kyle

Jenna Kyle is an American singer-songwriter, producer and live electronic artist who creates music, experiences and aesthetics that transcend the day to day. Her...

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