Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts showed promise in his first year as the Eagles’ starting QB. But he also put the basic flaws in his game on display. I think Jalen will continue to get better, however, his ceiling isn’t crazy high. He’ll never have an elite arm. He has issues that are very fixable. For example, his inability to read the field should get better with time. His decision making should also improve. But did Jalen’s 2021 season make the Eagles think twice about going in a different direction? That’s yet to be determined.

Draft A QB This Year?

The 2022 QB draft class isn’t viewed as a very good one. There are some prospects that could interest Howie Roseman & Jeffrey Lurie. Malik Willis (Liberty) has an absolute cannon of an arm & is a great runner. Willis’ potential may intrigue the Eagles. There are others like Matt Corral (Ole Miss), Sam Howell (North Carolina), & Kenny Pickett (Pittsburgh) who could also have the Eagles interested. While I believe this is the least-likely route the Eagles take, it’s still a real possibility.

Trade For A Vet?

The Eagles have been linked to a number of veteran QBs that they could trade for. They’ve been rumored to be interested in guys like Deshaun Watson (Texans), Russell Wilson (Seahawks), & Aaron Rodgers (Packers). Watson has formally requested a trade from the Houston Texans but has some legal issues that aren’t settled. Wilson hasn’t formally requested a trade & I believe trading for him is highly-unlikely due to the Seahawks’ desire to keep him, but if the Seahawks do look to move him or Wilson expresses a desire to be traded, it wouldn’t shock me if the Eagles show interest in Wilson.

As for Rodgers, his time as a Packer could very well be coming to an end as the Packers are in deep cap-hell. They likely will likely look towards shopping Rodgers as they look towards the future. If they do look to move on, expect the Eagles to show interest & be a top candidate to land Rodgers.

What I Think The Eagles Will Do

If I were to order what I believe is most-likely to happen, it’d go:

  1. Jalen Hurts, use the three firsts on the rest of the team
  2. Trade for a QB (would most-likely be Watson)
  3. Draft a QB in the draft this year

I feel the Eagles rolling with Jalen is the most-likely route they go is because he’s shown enough to earn another year. Another reason could be the Eagles’ desire to build the rest of the roster with the money & draft capital. Acquiring a QB is what I think is the second likeliest outcome because of how QB hungry this front office is. Jeffrey Lurie is in love with the idea of having an elite QB & the opportunity to get one is presenting itself. I have drafting a QB as the least-likeliest outcome because there isn’t any proven guy. Maybe Willis, who’s my QB1 in this class, could intrigue Philly due to his potential. But I’d see the other two options happening before drafting a QB.