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WandaVision Series Finale Review (Full Spoilers)

Wow. 9 weeks of buildup and the WandaVision finale delivered a sendoff for the ages. What were the best moments? How does the finale grade out?

WARNING!!! This WandaVision episode 9 review contains HEAVY SPOILERS AND THEORIES about the direction of the series and the next phase of the MCU. Click below for past episode reviews of WandaVision.

What Worked:

The list of items to unravel in the finale is intimidating. We have to start with Wanda’s Scarlet Witch reveal. From the costume to her display of powers, it was the most beautiful character reveal I’ve seen since Ahsoka Tano in season two of The Mandalorian. It was beyond obvious that Wanda could not become Scarlet Witch until she fully accepted the truth of who she is and all the tragedy that she has endured. On the surface, the scene of Wanda defeating Agatha Harkness was yet another triumphant moment for Marvel. Digging deeper, it was a celebration of overcoming all the hardship endured for Wanda’s character.

Through 8 episodes, we continued to question where the money was coming from.

It was reported that WandaVision included a budget of 225 million, yet there were literally zero fight scenes and only a couple scenes that utilized heavy amounts of CGI. That all changed pretty quickly in this one. Wanda’s fight scene with Agatha was terrific. “You’ll need me,” says Agatha being turned into the nosy neighbor we know and love. I’m very glad that this isn’t the last time we’ll see Agatha Harkness. Kathryn Hahn has been a scene stealer all season and I’d love to see her make a cameo in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel.

We may have not had the big reveals I had hoped for, but we got what we needed. To its core WandaVision is not a love story. Rather, it’s a tragedy centering around two characters that struggle to understand their place in the real world. It’s a showcase of the depths one can go to in order to protect their family. Coming into the episode, I was personally worried that showcasing a major reveal would not give us the time to give Wanda and Vision the proper sendoff. For my sake, I was very happy with the result.

“A family is forever. You can never leave each other if you tried.”

What a gut wrenching ending for Vision and Wanda. “I just wanted to see you clearly,” says Vision as he stares at The Hex closing in. “Before I go I must know, what am I?” asks Vision in his closing words. “You are my sadness and my hope, but mostly my love” responds Wanda. As I’ve written in my reviews, this is the modern day version of Romeo and Juliet and it’s been handled so beautifully. Wanda finally grasps the truth as Vision’s existence fades and Wanda returns to the site where it all started.

This may be the end for Wanda and Vision, but it also marks the beginning of the Scarlet Witch. Through Wanda’s time in the MCU, we’ve seen again and again that Wanda can never obtain what she truly wants: a family. She’s a character that’s deeply rooted in tragedy and hardship. But through that tragedy rises what will surely become the strongest superhero we’ve yet to see on the big and small screen. I think we’re only scratching the surface of what the Scarlet Witch means for the MCU moving forward. Elizabeth Olsen’s acting has been sensational in WandaVision and it’s going to be a blast to see her climb the ranks of the mightiest Avengers. For better or worse, WandaVision felt more interested in character development than pushing the major storyline of the MCU moving forward.

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We’re not in Westview anymore

I loved the Wizard of Oz references. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen them either. There were a lot of Wizard of Oz parallels throughout episode three regarding Wanda struggling to face the reality of her trauma. In that episode, Wanda was very clearly afraid to accept the reality and consequences of who she is and what she’s done. In the finale, she’s fully pulled away the curtains and is ready to learn more about who she is and what she is capable of. We see this during the final post credit scene, as Wanda is reading the Darkhold and connecting with her children inside The Hex. This is only a taste of what’s to come.

Overall, the finale did an excellent job setting up Wanda and Monica in Captain Marvel 2 and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. The Scarlet Witch has officially been established as a major component of the MCU moving forward. Monica Rambeau AKA Photon is surely set to clash with Carol Danvers in the near future. For fans that wanted more, we have to remember that the show is called WandaVision for a reason. I love how they handled Wanda and Vision’s characters with love and tons of emotion.

The action sequences between Agatha, Wanda, Vision and White Vision were also terrific. We even got an amazing “hero shot” of Wanda and her family fighting against Agatha. It was a fantastic nod to one of my favorite films of all time, Pixar’s The Incredibles. There was also a Man of Steel reference between Vision and White Vision. All in all, it was a very fun finale that had me on the edge of my seat through each sequence.

What Didn’t:

Heading into this episode, I was fully aware that the WandaVision finale was surely to become divisive maybe even disappointing for some. We’ve spent countless hours debating and arguing who the “Luke Skywalker” level cameo would be during the series finale. It didn’t happen, which surely upset fans. Like I said earlier, I’m just appreciative that the love between Wanda and Vision was handled so effectively. That’s enough for me, but I’m sure others it will not.

Even Evan Peters turned out to be a random character controlled by Agatha. First of all, what a misdirection play by Marvel (LOL!). Personally, I’m good with how it ended. But for fans that wished for a bigger payout, it didn’t happen. A lot of us speculated that Magneto was going to be the big reveal, but it’s quite frankly time to move on from Fox’s X-MEN. It’s a much smarter move to give Kevin Feige the time he needs to put his own spin on the franchise. It’s also time for new characters like Rogue, Storm and Cyclops to finally get their time in the spotlight. Kevin Feige needs to be allowed to build the mutants from the ground up, period.

WandaVision may be over but there are certainly still more questions than answers. What happened to White Vision after he regained his memories? Is Agatha trapped inside or outside The Hex? What are Darcy and Jimmy up to? Is Doctor Strange going to train Wanda on how to utilize Chaos Magic? What is going on with the multiverse? I expected WandaVision to be the source of the multiverse for films moving forward. The fact that it left the door wide open moving forward will probably disappoint the majority of fans. The truth that WandaVision was more of a set up than anything will likely leave fans thinking that this was a missed opportunity.

WandaVision was a great appetizer for the main course

Given the fact that this was an extremely risky project for Marvel, I’m OK that we didn’t get the cameos we had hoped for. Instead, we got a beautiful story that only enriched and strengthened (quite literally) the characters we know and love. In some respects I feel like social media may have damaged this smaller and intimate show about a character overcoming the odds. The hype for this finale was quite simply absurd and I hope that all the false information out there is left out before truly understanding the beauty of this show.

Final Thoughts & Grade

The WandaVision finale wasn’t the grand spectacle some were expecting. For me however, it hit all the notes I wanted and some that I didn’t expect. In the end, WandaVision was led by two amazing performances by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, I questioned how on Earth Kevin Feige could possibly top the amazing character development of Captain America and Iron Man. Shockingly, they have an amazingly rich and thought provoking character in Scarlet Witch thats ready to take the MCU by storm. I see you, Kevin Feige.

I really enjoyed the finale. I cheered, I cried and I cried some more. Wanda received the closure she needed in order to become a central figure moving forward. In the end, I really appreciate how emotion was the crux of the series. I respect the writers for staying true to the heart of the show, which was the love between Wanda, Vision and her family. Whether or not you got caught up in the hype train will surely determine how you view the finale. This was a series that constantly kept us guessing. It was a show about superheroes that literally featured minimum action sequences, yet kept us glued to our seats on a weekly basis. If WandaVision is the level of quality we should expect for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, then Marvel fans have a lot to look forward to.

Grade: 9/10

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