Here is a collection of the top targets for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL Draft. How was their performance in college? What could they bring to the Birds? Thanks for watching and please be sure to subscribe to The Painted Lines YouTube Channel.

Day One

Henry Ruggs III, Alabama

The Eagles desperately missed Desean Jackson’s presence this season. Although he’ll be back in 2020, Howie and the Birds not only need to assess this offseason but also 2020 and beyond. While Ruggs might not be the best receiver in the draft (Lamb and Jeudy are better), he may the most important to the Eagles. Having a dominant speed receiver that stretches the field vertically adds an entire new dimension to the offense. Most notably, the field would open up for one Miles Sanders in his second season. Wentz’s elite arm strength and Ruggs’ big play ability are a match made in heaven. The question is: how much are you willing to give to trade up and select him? Projection: top 15 pick.

WR CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma

Is this the year the Eagles need to take a risk on selecting a wide receiver in the first round? The last wide receiver the Eagles took in the first round was Nelson Agholor. Carson Wentz needs a game-changer and Lamb perfectly fits the need. Lamb does very well adjusting in the game and off the field. CeeDee Lamb can beat the defense in numerous ways, whether that be in the air or at the start of the snap. Lamb’s frame gives him an immediate advantage in the air and with the ball in his hands. When the ball is in Lamb’s hands, he is very explosive and shows great balance when avoiding and breaking tackles. Projection: top 15 pick.

S Grant Delpit, LSU

Whether its safety or cornerback, the Eagles need a massive upgrade in talent in the secondary. Rodney McCleod is returning for 2 more years but Grant Delpit would be a major addition in the talent category at the position. Delpit is the perfect fit for the Jim Schwartz defense. He has the versatility to thrive in nickel situations as well as the ability to play at the line, maks big plays against the run and blitz the quarterback. Jim Schwartz loves to play his safeties in the box. Delpit thrives with this and then some. Projection: mid to late first round.

WR Justin Jefferson, LSU

It’s no secret that the Philadelphia Eagles must add a big play threat to their offense in 2020. Between Desean Jackson’s age and Alshon Jeffery’s days in Eagle green seemingly numbered, it is a priority for the Birds to get younger and faster at the WR position. Justin Jefferson’s 40-time at the NFL Combine changed everything about this guy and his fit with the Eagles. Jefferson is an efficient route runner that can play in the slot and on the outside. After dealing with countless drops and missed opportunities in 2019, Jefferson would bring a wide receiver with great hands and one not afraid of the center stage. Projection: mid to late first round.

LB Patrick Queen, LSU

Patrick Queen projects as an inside linebacker and plays with high intelligence and most importantly, speed. He utilizes his quickness to fill gaps and is considered one of the best cover linebackers in the draft. Queen would bring an element the Eagles linebacking corps has sorely lacked recently, which is making plays in coverage. The Philadelphia Eagles love versatility and this is a prospect that can play all over the field due to his speed and knack for always being around the ball. I understand Jim Schwartz prefers to limit his pass rush to his front four, but Queen would certainly add some fire power to the front seven. Projection: Mid to late first round.

CB Kristian Fulton, LSU

Speed always wins at the end of the day and Kristian Fulton should fit right in. This is a guy that sticks to wide receivers on the line of scrimmage and in zone coverage. Despite being 6’ with a 192 pound frame, he’s got incredible fluidity and quickness. He’s got excellent ball skills, with the quickness to jump passes and the recovery speed to stick with receivers in intermediate and deep routes. When watching tape of Kristian Fulton this is a guy who rarely gets beaten over the top. Kristian Fulton has an incredible combination of speed, size and length that should have Jim Schwartz salivating. Similar to my write up on Trevon Diggs, Kristian Fulton has the speed, athleticism and length to play outside corner for Jim Schwartz. It’s quite frankly a near perfect fit. Projection: Mid to late first round.

Day Two

WR Jalen Reagor, TCU

Carson Wentz’s elite arm strength and Jalen Reagor’s speed are a perfect match. Reagor doesn’t have the sexy name of Ruggs, Lamb or Jeudy, but his skillset provides exactly what the doctor ordered for the Eagles offense. Jalen Reagor is the perfect young receiver to be mentored by DeSean Jackson. He can stretch the defense and be a major weapon especially with the ball in his hands. This is a guy that would be dynamic in the Eagles screen game. Get this man the ball and watch him go. Reagor is elite in yards after the catch due to his elite speed and acceleration. Projection: Top of the second round.

CB Trevon Diggs, Alabama

Trevon Diggs, standing at 6’2 and an elite athlete, is one of the biggest upside picks in this year’s NFL Draft. Diggs not only has the size to play at the line of scrimmage, but he’s also got the athleticism that makes him fantastic in zone or press coverage. Trevon Diggs is a physical corner with excellent length that should really help the Eagles in press coverage. However, Diggs shows promise in the flat and intermediate routes if he needs to play off the line. This is one of the top prospects for the Eagles I’d love to see in a trade up in that second round. Projection: top of the second round.

WR Denzel Mims, Baylor

If the top targets like Ruggs, Jeudy and Lamb are not available in a trade up or at #21, Denzel Mims is a top notch prospect that should be very attractive to the Eagles in a trade down scenario. Denzel Mims provides a real need for the Eagles (long speed) and will be one of the sexiest names in the NFL Draft on day two. The Eagles need an outside receiver and this is a strong prospect that checks all the boxes. Mims’ ability to quickly improve his route running during the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine shows you that he’s only beginning to scratch the surface of his potential. If I’m Howie Roseman, this is a guy that I’d trade up in the second round to select. Projection: top of the second round.

CB Jeff Gladney, TCU

Jeff Gladney guy is not just about speed. He plays much, more physical than his frame might indicate. 17 reps on the bench press at the NFL Draft Combine shows that Jeff Gladney is not just a burner on the outside. He is a big-time competitor and extremely versatile. Versatility is a key term when it comes to the Eagles defense. Jeff Gladney should have no problem adjusting to the NFL in zone, man and press coverages. Projection: Late first round, top of the second round.

WR Tee Higgins, Clemson

The first thing that stands out about Tee Higgins is his size. At 6’4, Tee Higgins is one of the biggest wide receivers in the 2020 NFL Draft. That size paired with smooth athleticism and soft hands allows him to be one of the better prospects at catching contested balls. Do you want a “50/50 guy” or speed at wide receiver? It would be foolish to pass on Tee Higgins because the Eagles already have a similar prospect in JJ Arcega-Whiteside. A slight trade back for Tee Higgins while also adding a speedster like KJ Hamler with another pick in the second round would be very interesting package for the Philadelphia Eagles in this year’s draft. Projection: top to middle of the second round.

WR Brandon Aiyuk, ASU

Brandon Aiyuk is one of the biggest home run hitters in this year’s draft. Aiyuk has the explosiveness and big play ability to get him selected in this year’s first round. Brandon Aiyuk’s elite ability to gain yards after the catch and stretch the field is something that should very much interest the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles must bring home at least two dynamic wide receivers out of this year’s draft. When watching tape of Brandon Aiyuk, he seems to have that same second gear that Jalen Reagor and Henry Ruggs III possess during their routes. Aiyuk also brings some versatility on offense as he can be lined up on the outside or even the slot position. Projection: mid to late second round pick.

CB Damon Arnette, OSU

Does Jim Schwartz want a guy who can play press coverage? Damon Arnette is at his best when playing aggressive. He’s one of the top physical cornerbacks in the draft. He’s a strong tackler and thrives playing on the line of scrimmage. In addition, Arnette brings a ton of versatility to the table, which grants him the ability to play inside or outside. He thrives in man coverage due to his excellent body control, quick feet and technique. These traits allow him to always be near the football and stick to his man on the line or at the top of routes. Arnette’s quick feet allows him to anticipate the pass and close in on routes. Projection: second round pick.

Day Three

WR Devin Duvernay, Texas

Devin Duvernay brings some of the best straight line speed at his position. To not select a guy like Duvernay, one of the biggest sleepers in the entire NFL Draft, because he may best project as a slot receiver in the NFL would be a very bad move. The Eagles love versatility with their players and Devin Duvernay has the ability to eventually make plays all over the field. The Eagles are desperate for dynamic playmakers. As a die-hard Eagles fan, adding speedsters like Jalen Reagor and Devin Duvernay is exactly the type of wide receiver my body craves. Devin Duvernay would be an amazing pick for the Eagles in that 3rd round. Projection: top of the 3rd round.

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