Trey Burke speaks at Media Day. Photo by Wayne Terry, TPL.

Name of Player: Trey Burke
Position: Point Guard
Level: Reserve
Manager: @JoeCee76


I am personally expecting a lot out of Trey, and I feel like he should be able to secure a spot as Ben’s primary backup. He should improve significantly with the most talent he’s ever had around him. His quickness and ability to beat his man off the dribble will be a welcomed asset to this team’s second unit. It should really help Zhaire and Matisse shine in their roles by drawing defenders to him and allowing them to get open shots. This can and should be a serious upgrade from TJ on both ends of the floor, provided he can show that he’s worthy of the minutes.

Goals/Meets Expectations

• Able to run the 2nd team offense
• Pressures the ball handler to force passes and allow the athletic young wings to get steals
• Dishes the ball out to open shooters when he’s able to penetrate
• Can coexist with Ben when Brett decides to play them together

Stretch Goals/Exceeds Expectations

• Becomes the late game ball handler when free throws become important
• Able to create shots when there’s nothing there
• Takes advantage of the 2nd team’s athleticism and finds the guys cutting to the basket for easy finishes
• Realizes the talent around him and is able to facilitate

Fails to Meet Expectations

• Isn’t able to become the definitive backup to Ben
• Forcing shots in tight coverage
• Not moving to open spots when the ball is in the block