Top 10 Moments from The Mandalorian

Shane (from A Pod Has No Name) and Deibs break down their top 10 favorite moments from season one. If you want to watch us discuss our top 10 moments on the TPL YouTube channel, click here!


Revisiting the Cantina

Chapter Five “The Gunslinger”

Deibs (@mrcrockpot): On spare auxiliary power after a space fight, Mando and Baby Yoda seek refuge on a Mos Eisley spaceport. We return to Tatooine, the same place that featured the cantina in Episode IV: A New Hope. Even better, we’re suddenly hanging out at the same place where we were first introduced to Han Solo.

This show had its fair share of nostalgic moments this season but revisiting the old saloon where it all began was absolutely surreal. Visiting Chalmun’s Cantina, Mando is approached by a rookie, bounty hunter named Toro Calican who requests help on his first job. But that exchange between Toro Calican and Mando also took place while lounging in the same booth where we saw Han shoot Greedo in A New Hope.

Shane (@guschiiggens): This one could have been higher on the list for all of the reasons surrounding nostalgia. Han and Greedo were in that very booth! The best part about it is how subtle the fan-fair is though. One of the mistakes of the new trilogy is how heavy handed it was in some of the fan-service, but The Mandalorian handled it gracefully.

The cantina was simply a backdrop, and the booth was simply shared. For older fans, that acknowledgment that both stories are shared across time in the same universe is all it takes to get invested all over again.


Mando and Baby Yoda ride off into the sunset

Chapter Four “Sanctuary”

Deibs (@mrcrockpot): The Mandalorian showed it’s true strength in Chapter Four, which was a series that understood why the original Star Wars were so successful in this first place. Star Wars is quite simply a space western. A space western is a subgenre of science fiction which uses the themes and tropes of Westerns within science fiction stories. There have been numerous scenes throughout The Mandalorian that has shown this but none more so than the last scene of Chapter Four.

Watching Mando and Baby Yoda ride off into the sunset was a very memorable, Western movie cliché moment. Mando and Baby Yoda save a troubled town being torn apart by bandits. After rescuing and saving the village, Mando and Baby Yoda get on their horse I mean speeder and the leave the village. We’ve seen this countless times in other Western films but it was a great reminder what why The Mandalorian series was so successful.

Shane (@guschiiggens): Episode four did a fantastic job of raising the stakes for the small community we found Mando trying to protect, and his own personal demons made it believable that it was his fight just as much as theirs. Up until this point Mando wants a home for the child, somewhere it can be safe and live a normal life.

The realization when the Bounty Hunter comes at the end of the episode is that that isn’t possible though. A Mandalorian and a force sensitive baby is about as odd a duo as you’ll find, but they’re stuck together now and them riding into the sunset will never get old.


Kuiil “I have spoken”

Chapter Two “The Child”

Deibs (@mrcrockpot): Next, we have to discuss the introduction of Nick Nolte’s character, Kuiil. What an incredible moment. For me, Kuiil was not only one of the main highlights of this episode but also for the series. The “I have spoken” line will surely live long and prosper for years to come.

In Chapter Two, Kuiil not only embarks on a mission to retrieve the parts stripped by the Jawas, but he also decides to repair Mando’s ship. What does he ask for in return? Nothing other than a simple “thank you” for returning peace to his valley. For a bounty hunter who lives mission to mission and check to check, Kuiil’s generosity and friendship had a major impact on Mando moving forward in the series. We will miss you, Kuiil. Rest in piece brother

Shane (@guschiiggens): For such a short season, there was no shortage of memorable characters. The wise-spoken Kuill was one of them. Episode two introduced the man who simply wanted peace in his valley, and his simple ways clearly had an impact on Mando as well. “I have spoken” will go down in television one-liner history, and Star Wars fandom has a new character to channel wisdom from because of it.


Baby Yoda uses The Force vs a Mudhorn and saves Mando

Chapter Two “The Child”

Deibs (@mrcrockpot): In order to obtain the parts needed to repair his ship, Mando and the Jawas agree to a trade that has our main character battling a mudhorn in order to obtain an egg. While on his final leg during battle, Baby Yoda uses a Force Lift on the mudhorn to protect Mando. As the mudhorn drops to the ground, Mando stabs the beast with his knife and survives. Exhausted from The Force, Baby Yoda falls asleep for the remainder of Chapter Two. Just a truly epic moment.

Shane (@guschiiggens): We all THOUGHT that baby Yoda was force sensitive…but we found out for sure that she was force sensitive here. Not only is the moment itself here awesome as Mando gets beat to absolute smithereens by a space Rhino, but what it means for the future of Star Wars itself. New trilogies in the future? A new home and rebuilding of the Jedi Order? Can new Yoda fall to the dark side? The possibilities are endless!


Mando turns into The Predator and goes hunting

Chapter Six “The Prisoner”

Deibs (@mrcrockpot): My favorite moments from Chapter Six came from the tonal shift around the last act of the episode. After rescuing the prisoner and being betrayed by his own team, Mando escapes the prison cell by breaking off the arm from a nearby droid and unlocking the door. I’m 100% positive that Sean Connery from The Rock would have been very impressed!

The last third of Chapter Six was the highlight for me, as the episode quickly turns into a game of cat and mouse and the hunt was on. After escaping the prison cell, Mando picks off each team member one by one that would surely make The Predator proud. Despite being a phenomenal fighter, it may be crazy to say this but I prefer my Mando fighting in the dark as some of his best moments came from fighting in the shadows.

Shane (@guschiiggens): Mando turning into Jason/Michal Myers for half an episode was such a treat. For a lot of the season we saw him turn from an anti-hero into a more traditional protagonist, but this episode here showed that he still has that ant-hero in him.


IG-11’s Sacrifice

Chapter Eight “Redemption”

Deibs (@mrcrockpot): My favorite moment from IG-11 came after taking off Mando’s helmet, healing him and returning him to safety. In many ways, IG-11 knew more about our main character Mando than anyone else in the galaxy. For a show that centered on Mando’s droid bias, this scene was extremely emotional for me and brilliantly crafted. Deep down I was hoping IG-11 would eventually become a part of Mando’s crew in a set up for season two. It makes sense for IG-11 to make the big sacrifice and it was glorious.

Shane (@guschiiggens): IG-11 is quite possibly the deadliest droid we’ve ever seen on screen. In a season that had a ton of great action scenes, IG was an integral part of some of the more memorable. Add that onto his lovable nurse droid altering and making Mando trust droids again and we have an all-time Star Wars character. We will never forget you IG-11.


The Armorer scene and introduction of Mando’s Beskar steel armor

Chapter 3 “The Sin”

Deibs (@mrcrockpot): One of my favorite parts of “The Sin” had to be the “League of Shadows” style of action scenes in this episode. This episode featured some truly impressive kills, with Mando showing off some of his most elite stealth skills. There were some truly jaw dropping kills during this action sequence. My top moment had to be Mando pulling the stormtrooper to him with his grappling hook and finishing him off with a sword through the back.

Another unforgettable moment was the “whistling birds” feature from his armor that did quick work of four stormtroopers that had Mando surrounded. We also have to give a quick nod to Mando’s weapon, which we saw him disintegrate bounty hunter after bounty hunter in incredible fashion. We see a very sweet and endearing moment between Mandy and Baby Yoda as the bounty hunters surround our heroes.

Chapter three certainly established Mando as one of the deadliest killers in the galaxy. From his stealth ability, to hand-to-hand combat, to tech, this episode really solidified Mando as the John Wick of the Star Wars universe.

Shane (@guschiiggens): Another scene here that dives into some Mandalorian lore and their ways of thinking. Like the Jedi, or the Sith, the Mandalorians have a creed that they follow. Compared to the former two though, the Mandalorians offer a fresh change of pace in their perspective. Much of that revolves around their armor, and Mando receiving the Beskar steel in full was definitely a “hell yeah!” moment.


Mando and his new jetpack takes down a Tie Fighter

Chapter Eight “Redemption”

Deibs (@mrcrockpot): The Mandalorian finale also gave us the best Mando moment of the season. In one of the last scenes, we see Mando take down Moff Gideon’s tie fighter. The cinematography of this scene was fantastic as we see the tie fighter go down with Mando landing safely on the ground with his brand new jetpack that he received from The Armorer. It was hands down Mando’s most badass moment of the season.

Shane (@guschiiggens): The Fett’s made the jetpack iconic in their respective trilogies, and ever since we heard Mando mutter “I have to get one of those” early in the season I’ve been anticipating him donning one. To see it finally in action, against a TIE-Fighter no less, was one of the best scenes of the series bar none. I’ve said since episode one of the show that it gives me Clint Eastwood-in-space vibes. Well, they just gave Clint Eastwood a jetpack…good luck to the galaxy.


The Darksaber reveal

Chapter Eight “Redemption”

Deibs (@mrcrockpot): With Moff Gideon surviving he crash during the last season, he undoubtedly will be set up as the main villain for season two of The Mandalorian. But how does he exit the tie fighter? We see a Darksaber help Moff to safety, which raises a ton of questions for the series moving forward. Will there be a tie in to Star Wars: Rebels in the future? Could this signal the introduction of a live action Sabine Wren?

The Darksaber has major tie in with The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. After training with Jedi Kanan Jarus, Sabine Wren obtains the Darksaber and returns it to her home world to signal the unification of her people on Mandalore. In later episodes, Sabine gives the Darksaber to Bo-Katan, a warrior who Sabine sees as the true leader of the Mandalorian people.

So the real question becomes: how does the Moff Gideon obtain the Darksaber from Bo-Katan? Fingers crossed this becomes a new storyline of season two of The Mandalorian. If you haven’t already, I suggest our fans check out Star Wars: Rebels, which also can be found on Disney+. It’s one of the best animated shows of all time.

Shane (@guschiiggens): I’ve yet to see Star Wars: Rebels, so I digress to Chris on this one. However, Moff Gideon in general was stellar. As a huge fan of the KOTOR games, Mandalorian history is something that isn’t completely foreign to me.

Hearing Gideon recount the fall of Mandalore to our anti-hero made me sit up in my seat watching it. If they wanted to, there’s enough Mandalorian lore to create a new Star Wars trilogy out of, so here’s to hoping we get to hear more about the legendary warriors next season!


Baby Yoda reveal

Chapter One

Deibs (@mrcrockpot): The reveal at the end of Chapter One hit in all the right areas. For 40 minutes we are exposed to the Mandalorian as this stoic, emotionless character that was shown to be deserted as a child. He is this orphan that is a ruthless killer. The last scene of the Chapter One sees Mando reconnecting with his childhood as he reaches for Baby Yoda. What a heart-filled moment and one that really set up an incredible season one of The Mandalorian.

Shane (@guschiiggens): BABY YODA! I started The Mandalorian about three weeks late and I have to say…the memes were a little misleading. Turns out it’s NOT actually baby Yoda. But that’s ok, I quickly realized we were post-episode six. The whole set up for this was fantastic though.

Going into The Mandalorian, I wasn’t sure what the overall plot would be (I avoided all spoilers…hence the Yoda mix-up). It was clear though after episode one of the show that it could contribute to a much larger Star Wars plot line and mythology, and from that point I’d say everyone who watched was sucked in for the long haul.

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