Norvel Pelle

The Philadelphia 76ers will soon have to make a final decision in regards to Norvel Pelle as his two-way contract is coming to a close.

It feels like just yesterday when the Philadelphia 76ers offered Pelle a two-way contract after a successful summer league. There was a lot to like about him; ranging from highlight dunks to causing defensive mayhem in the G-League with the Delaware Blue Coats.

The Sixers are approaching the midway point in their 2020 campaign and will soon have to make a decision in regards to their rim running center, Norvel Pelle.

For those who don’t know, two-way contracts in the NBA split a player’s time between a team’s G-League affiliate and the big league club (45 days max). The last day in which a team can sign a player to a new two-way deal is approaching fast; January 15th to be exact.

Not only is the two-way deadline approaching, but the Sixers have used a lot of Pelle’s available NBA days within his current contract. There have been moments in the year where Pelle has logged minutes over NBA veteran Kyle O’Quinn, which is something a lot of people wouldn’t have expected heading into the season. Pelle has appeared in 8 NBA games to the date that this is published.

So, ultimately the team will need to decide if they will offer Norvel Pelle a standard NBA contract or if they will sign someone else to one of their two two-way contract spots.

Why the Sixers should look to hang onto Norvel Pelle

Norvel Pelle fits the mold of a modern NBA center. He doesn’t demand post touches to slow down an NBA offense. He gets all of his offensive production and points through lobs and put-backs off of rebounds. Finally, he plays within a role and to his strengths well.

Talking only about Norvel Pelle’s offensive production doesn’t do him justice, however. Pelle is a monster on the defensive end that can help the Sixers’ defense while their main big men rest on the bench. He’s known for his highlight blocks but also does other things well on defensive end; ranging from switching to rebounding the ball at a good rate.

While someone like Kyle O’Quinn is a solid option off the bench, he doesn’t offer the same defensive energy or athleticism that Pelle can give a team. He provides the Sixers another option down low, and it can play into any matchup they face.

The Philadelphia 76ers currently have a full roster (15 men), and would need to trade or waive a player to make room for Norvel Pelle on a regular NBA deal. It’s likely we’ll get an idea for how the team feels about Pelle in the close future.

As stated before, the two-way contract deadline is January 15th. If the Sixers do not waive Pelle by that date, it’s likely they’re looking for a move to make room for him on the active roster. The Sixers could do a two-for-one deal where they ship out two contracts and receive one in return. The team would have room for Pelle in a situation such as that.

Pelle has been one of the more underrated surprises on a good Sixers’ team. Elton Brand needs to really consider bringing him aboard full-time because one thing is certain, he can help any team at an NBA level.