Howie Roseman has quietly begun to make some moves heading into the trade deadline. Photo by Wayne Terry, TPL.

Trade Deadline Rapidly Approaching

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching at 4 pm EST on Tuesday, the trade rumors are heating up. Following a 31-13 victory in Buffalo, Howie Roseman and the Eagles front office have a reason to make a move, maybe even a big one. The Eagles made a move already, but many fans don’t know much about the player to have an opinion on it.


Eagles Trade for Genard Avery.

Many Eagles fans don’t know about Genard Avery, So here are some things you should know. Avery is a 24-year-old 5th round pick from the 2018 NFL Draft. So far during his second year, the Browns have him listed as a LB while the Eagles seem to have changed him to a DE. In his rookie year, Avery had 4.5 sacks and 40 tackles. This year Avery has pretty much been a healthy scratch all season. Avery is also still on his rookie contract which has barely any impact on the salary cap. This keeps the Eagles near the top of the league in cap space with $22 million.

Many were hoping the Eagles addressed the defensive line, and they did. Now, they didn’t go and trade for a well- known name, however Brown’s fans seem to be upset over this move. Brown’s fans seem to think they have made a big mistake and that Avery has a ton of potential. Hopefully Avery can come in and make an impact to a depleted defensive line.

The Future of Shareef Miller

This move significantly impacts 2019 4th round pick, Shareef Miller. Miller, as well, has been a healthy scratch all season, with Sunday’s game in Buffalo being his first time ever being active. It is clear to see that the Eagles do not feel confident in Miller, so his future with the Eagles gets even murkier.

The Rest of the Deadline

In my opinion, the Eagles still need to address the WR and CB position before the end of the deadline. Even if DeSean Jackson does come back, he will not be fully healthy, so they still need to get another productive receiver. Despite a better performance this past weekend, I still believe the Eagles are thin a corner. The best corner on the market is the Lions’ Darius Slay, and if the Eagles can get him, it would be huge for the Eagles’ defense. It will be interesting to see if there is any fire to the smoke of the rumors of Robby Anderson and Darius Slay.