A big reason why the Philadelphia Eagles went on that Super Bowl run back in 2017 was due to starting off games fast. In order for this team to be a serious contender this year, they must replicate that success. While there are many different factors that go into starting off games fast offensively, here are a few that will be paramount to the Eagles’ success this season.

Learn From the Past

Obviously this team had great success starting off games back in 2017. However, that wasn’t the same tale this past season. This past season, the Eagles really struggled to string together successful drives, let alone score in the first half of games. You can look at many different reasons as to why this may have happened. The obvious one being, a not fully healthy Carson Wentz.

It was apparent that a back issue was hindering Carson’s play last year. Now, whether that was why he couldn’t get warmed up in first halves of games is another question. But the team will need more consistent quarterback play if it wants to start off fast. A lot will fall on the shoulders of Carson Wentz this season, and starting off games will be a big burden to take on. This could be an especially large hurdle in week one as Wentz sat out the preseason and hasn’t seen game action since week 11 of last season.

A big reason why the Philadelphia Eagles started off scoring so rapidly back in 2017 was the running attack that they had. That same running game was nonexistent last season. The Philadelphia Eagles now have much more talent in the backfield, and they should be able to replicate that successful running game this season.


Luckily for Carson Wentz, this offense has improved at so many skill positions. By adding arguably the best deep threat in the league, DeSean Jackson, trading for Jordan Howard, as well as drafting Miles Sanders, this Philadelphia Eagles offense has much better weapons this season compared to last season. It will now just come down to team chemistry and Carson trusting his players. Wentz now finally has a legitimate deep threat in DeSean Jackson. Apparently the two have been showing great chemistry already throughout training camp. This is a huge addition to the offense that should stretch the field out and really help this offense move the chains in the first half of games.

Not to mention, some in-house talent will only be developing and getting better. A key name that comes to mind is tight end Dallas Goedert. Many expect Goedert to have a huge sophomore season for the Philadelphia Eagles. If that happens, it will only better this offense, and make life much easier for Carson Wentz. The growth of Dallas Goedert will only better the offense. He will be yet another receiving threat that opposing defenses have to gameplan for. Goedert is already a great run-blocking tight end, so his growth will only expand his game and this offense. Also, you can’t forget that guys like Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert should have tons of space in the middle of the field, thanks to the addition of DeSean Jackson.

The talent is clearly there for this Eagles team to not only start off games fast, but to be one of the best offenses in the entire league. It all comes down to utilizing this talent correctly, as well as Carson trusting his teammates.


In order to take a heavy load off of Carson Wentz’s shoulders, as well as helping the unit more consistently move the chains, this offense will need balance and unpredictability to it. The Eagles coaching staff, and Doug Pederson most importantly, must utilize the offensive line to balance in a heavy dose of runs. This will open up the field more and make the passing attack that much better. Thankfully, the Eagles now have three or four capable running backs to carry the football behind this great offensive line.

Throw in a good running game, as well as one of the better receiving corps in the league, and this offense should be unstoppable as well as unpredictable. If Pederson can keep the defense guessing with a balanced attack, this team should have no trouble starting off games and putting up points. Luckily for the Philadelphia Eagles, they have one of the better and more versatile offensive lines in the league. So, they can run or pass whenever they want really. This o-line is great in pass protection and run-blocking. 

Balance is everything. The Philadelphia Eagles have all the pieces in place to be a great, well balanced offense. It all comes down to play-calling and quarterback play. If this team can get those things down, they should have no problem starting off games fast. They should have no problem building a lead and maintaining that lead as well. This team doesn’t exactly face a very formidable opponent this Sunday, but it still won’t be easy as divisional games rarely are. Can Wentz knock off the rust quickly? Will Pederson be aggressive yet balanced? Let’s see if those Eagles can start off flying high.