We did it! The Painted Lines is getting access to Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Convention next week (6/13 – 6/16). Before I preview the event, I want to thank everyone that helped us get to this point. Fan engagement was a prerequisite for credentials, which is tied directly to our followers and readers. So the “we” isn’t Culture@TPL or SuitUp! or even The Painted Lines, the “we” is you!

Someday Mr. Hanks will follow us…

This isn’t your father’s convention

Gone are the days of 20 or 30 “dudes” stuffed into a Comic Book Shop looking to get a signature from a washed up red shirt. Nowadays, thousands of men, women, and children takeover cities and convention centers hoping to get a sneak peek at A-list Celebrities. The talent isn’t limited to movie stars; artists like the Fraim Brothers will be in attendance. They draw some of the most colorful Justice League tapestries, and I’m sure Chris Deibler will commission some work for his apartment.

Philadelphia has hosted the Wizard World Comic Convention many times over the years, and this year’s event could be the best yet!

Until next year of course…

Who’s going to be there?

With names like Kevin Conroy and Carl Potts, Philadelphia will be host to a “who’s who” in the comics world, but there will also be Film and TV stars to keep you entertained: Ted Danson, Morena Baccarin, and Adam Baldwin to name a few. For the current guest list, you can find more details here. But that’s not all…

25+ Philadelphia Area Creators Also In Artist Alley At Pennsylvania Convention Center

That statement drew Philly Front Office to the event. We knew about the big names, but Philly Front Office wanted to give a voice to Philadelphia. So even as PFO moves from “being just one thing,” Culture@TPL won’t forget about Philly. Chris and I are excited for photo ops, interviews, and live updates from all the local artists at Artist Alley.

What are we covering?

Chris and I will be “Live” at the event on Thursday and Friday, and we’re excited to see some of the following:

  • Mario Kart 8 Tournament
  • Building a Geek Brand
  • Supergirl Firefly Panel
  • Live Entertainment from Kato Kaelin (yes, that Kato Kaelin)

As I mentioned in this week’s Commuter Watch Party, we’ll interview some of our favorite film and TV stars along the way. If there are specific questions you’d like us to ask, send them our way @CultureTPL or @ThePaintedLines.

We’re hoping to chat with some great national artists as well, like Kurt Lehner (Gargoyles), Carl Potts (Venom), and Mostafa Moussa (Superman). Maybe we’ll get a new logo for the site?

Why should you go?

We don’t think you should just follow our coverage, there’s too much to do! If you’re looking for love, there is speed dating. If you want to purchase comics, there are vendors. And if you want to show off your cosplay skills, you’ll be in good company!

The tickets aren’t too expensive, and SEPTA should be able to get you to the con hassle free (Jefferson Station for the out-of-towners). Philadelphia has hosted some exciting events over the last few years, and this is another you can’t miss.