Michael Sowers has been dominant in the lacrosse game for years. The local Upper Dublin graduate shattered records in high school, as well as his early years in college. Michael is at Princeton University and is one of the major stars in college lacrosse. I had the opportunity to sit down with Michael as he prepares for his upcoming senior season and potentially a national championship.


Jack: First off, you were a nationally dominant player in high school at Upper Dublin, what was the transition like from going from the top of the world in high school to a new freshman at Princeton?

Michael: The transition was tougher off the field than on it honestly. Playing for the USA team really helped boost my confidence, and so in our early captains scrimmages and practices, I was able to compete with everyone and feel confident in myself. The off the field stuff, like just being away from home and having to form a regimented schedule for myself, was honestly the toughest part.

Jack: What is the schedule like at Princeton?

Michael: So, it’s honestly pretty busy, but you adjust quickly. We usually have morning lift around 8, then go to breakfast then go to class from 10-2; around 2:30, grab lunch. 3pm, rehab starts with our trainer; 4:40 is usually practice, and then after practice, eat quickly and finish up any homework.

Jack: That’s quite the grind, what made you choose Princeton over the other colleges that offered you?

Michael: Ultimately, just being close to home, the education, and the history of the program

Jack: What are you doing on and off the field to help prepare for your upcoming senior season?

Michael: In the summer, I always try and pick up things I feel like I really need to work on and just focus on that. So for this summer, I’m really going back to square one with shooting with my left hand and strengthening my left shoulder. Other than that, I try and play a lot of basketball.

Jack: Now some people reading this may not know a lot about lacrosse, but those who do know, your game is very speed and footwork dominant. What did you do throughout your career to improve upon that?

Michael: I’ve definitely been blessed with quickness and speed. Also being smaller, I’ve been forced to really focus on those things and try and better myself with them. I try and do a lot of speed ladder work and jump rope.

Jack: Now this is obviously probably your biggest season coming up, and you will be looked at across the nation as the leader of this team. Has your past experience with being in this role at UD helped prepare you at all and if so, how?

Michael: I definitely think so. Being from UD, who is not traditional a lacrosse powerhouse, myself and some of the guys in my grade were forced into leadership roles right away. I think those experiences really allowed me to see what was effective as a leader and what wasn’t.  

Jack: Now some people from the area know, but your dad was your lacrosse and football coach. What was growing up with that like and how did it help you?

Michael: It was definitely difficult at times because sometimes disputes in practice would carry over off the field, but it shaped me as a person and player because he always demanded more from me than everyone else. From an early age, he made that clear, and that helped me develop a work ethic that has helped me a lot today.

Jack:  Your dad also helps run the Be Your Best Lacrosse Camp, which is very popular in the PA area. How was it passing on your knowledge to the younger kids?

Michael: It’s really cool for sure, especially because I grew up going to the camp every session.

Jack: This past year, you were a finalist for the Tewaaraton award, which is best defined as the Heisman for college lacrosse. What was that like for you?

Michael: It was really cool – one of the cooler experiences I’ve had involving lacrosse. It was just a really well run event.

Jack: What are your goals for after this season? Anything planned lacrosse wise?

Michael: Not sure yet really; just thinking about this year, then cross that bridge when we get there mentality.


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