The Houston Rockets suffered a 23-point loss facing elimination from their second round series against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday. The Rockets are facing significant questions about their future. This is their second consecutive season falling well short of expectations.

Much has been made of head coach Mike D’Antoni’s future with the franchise, as his contract is set to expire. It has widely been rumored that his time in Houston is up. Publicly, Daryl Morey has remained stern in his position that retaining the head coach is a priority to the franchise. 

However, some believe major changes should be on the horizon in Houston.

When asked about the situation in Houston, a league source commented: “If the owner has any balls, he has to trade James Harden. It’s the only thing really of value on the team that can help you get some good assets back to rebuild.”

A source said, “Teams will take James Harden, but nobody will take Russell Westbrook.” An individual familiar with Houston’s organization said, “Their basic strategy is layups or three-pointers. I think, ultimately, that’s led to their demise because what we are looking at is a situation where there are some players that could do some things in the middle there. But, they don’t have the opportunity. Really, the only player that I’ve seen with the green light to shoot from mid-range has been Russell Westbrook. I’m talking about players on the Rockets in the last few years.”

According to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon, Daryl Morey is expected to remain with the franchise. However, it appears as though Houston might have to call a mechanic before its next take-off.