The Philadelphia Eagles continue to start off games slow. The offense can never seem to string together successful drives. They seem to have any consistency or rhythm. The major root of these problems is the run game, or lack thereof.

Helping Your Quarterback

One of the most obvious parts of the Eagles’ slow starts has been Wentz’s inconsistency. Yes Eagles fans, you’re allowed to give Carson some of the blame here. Wentz, for whatever reason, seems to start games rather slow. His play picks up as the game goes on. That being what it is, there is no reason to put it all on Carson to get the offense going every week. In other words, establishing the running game early on is even more crucial for this team’s success.

If this offense can implement a nice run game in the first half of games, it will only benefit and aid Carson Wentz. He won’t be asked to be Superman and just fix every single problem there is. Wentz will now have a balanced attack and be asked to make easier throws. A good run game opens up the entire field. It will give Carson some plays off, and it will only prolong his career and health. Just think about it, less drop-backs means less of a chance for Carson to get hit.

Injuries continue to haunt this Philadelphia Eagles team. This season hasn’t changed that narrative. Carson is going to be without his top deep threat, DeSean Jackson, for at least two weeks. With that being said, a run game is basically a necessity at this point. 

Run-Pass Ratio

The bottom line here is that the play calling needs to improve. We are not asking for the Eagles to run the ball every single play. But the run-pass ratio must improve. A big factor behind the Eagles’ Super Bowl run in 2017 was their excellent balance. To put this into perspective, the Eagles ran the ball 45% of plays in 2017, while they passed just under 55% of the time. Now, compare that to this season where the Eagles are running the ball 37% of the time and passing just under 63% of the time.

The Philadelphia Eagles must balance that ratio out in order to solve these early game problems. These early game problems will haunt this offense until this balance gets fixed.


The Philadelphia Eagles running back rotation could be the best unit on this Eagles team. But they will never shine unless Doug dials up the run game. Compare this year’s backfield to last season’s, and it’s almost a night and day difference. Howie Roseman went out of character and drafted a running back early in this year’s NFL draft. Not just that, but he made a trade for Jordan Howard, who is a back that is third in rushing yards since 2016. 

The Philadelphia Eagles have both the offensive line and the running back committee to get this thing rolling. This all falls on head couch Doug Pederson now to call the run plays. Hopefully, the Philadelphia Eagles can find this balance this Sunday against the Detroit Lions. And what better place to do it than at Lincoln Financial Field in front of the home crowd?