Sunnyside – Dr. Potato Review


Ladies and gentlemen, this was the episode Sunnyside needed to be from Day 1. This will probably be a “cheat,” but I am not going to spoil a lot of this episode. The jokes were great, the stakes were high, and the moral of the episode was brutally honest.

Drazen, he’s probably got a beard?

After learning Drazen is up for a bail hearing, it is up to the students and Modi to band together and bust him out. A typical sitcom trope, but also a life trope. When your friends need you, you step up. Here’s the problem, and this is why the episode is strong, no one really knows Drazen. Modi thought he might have had a beard?

The group splits up to save Drazen: Modi, Hakim, and Brady go looking for his wife; Griselda, Jun Ho, Mei Lin, and Councilwoman Barea head to I.C.E. I’ve mentioned before, I could watch 30 minutes of Jun Ho and Mei Lin learning to be poor. But now, I want to watch episodes of Barea working through political red tape. She’s spoken to Al Roker before…learning that her job isn’t as easy as she thought? High comedy.

Was this a perfect show? Nope. Few shows are. But Sunnyside is finally hitting a good stride, and I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Episode Review 8.9 / 10.0