I struggled with this write up. I wanted a show about the trials and tribulations of our immigration system to be great – I really did. And if you remember my review of Perfect Harmony, a great cast can save a Pilot. But sometimes the gags in a show overshadow cast.

Just like my appreciation for Bradley Whitford, I enjoy Kal Penn. I saw all the Harold and Kumar’s, all the Van Wilder’s, and all the Designated Survivor’s. But, after watching years of Parks and Recreation, and seeing the inner workings of a small government office, I really didn’t like Penn’s Councilman Modi.

Perhaps I wasn’t meant to like him?

Again, a good cast can save a pilot, but the joke around “I work 20+ jobs to survive” – it was a big miss. It took me away from the realism this Pilot could have conveyed. It’s almost as if the “obvious joke”, needed to be more subtle.

Final Verdict

Was I happy with cast’s performance? Yes.

Did I laugh in this episode? Yes.

Without that gag, would this have been a good pilot? Yes.

Episode Review 4.0 / 10.0 (7.5 without the gag)

Will Dave Set a Season Pass? Maybe, need 1 more episode