Fork Yeah!

I decided after the success of the Go-Go-Godzilla Podcast, Suit Up! needed to expanded its universe. Lucky for me, Toy Story 4 and Pixar made sense for the next set of podcasts.

So I brought in our self-proclaimed Pixar expert and Suit Up! co-host @MrCrockPot to discuss Toy Story 4, Pixar, Cars, Souls, and Sporks. And just like Go-Go-Godzilla Podcasts, we had to break up our Pixar-verse Podcasts into two.

First up, we talk Purpose will thanks to Toy Story 4 while trying not to laugh or cry too much. At one point, I also compared Gabby Gabby to an MCU villain, so…synergy.


We would definitely pay money to see this movie multiple times