Sometimes you are looking for your next binge-able show on Netflix. Sometimes you are looking for a show that features Tom Welling. And sometimes you need a show that asks the question, “What if the Devil was good-ish?”

Thank God for Lucifer…Luci would probably not want me to thank Him.

Sadly, Chris had yet to watch, but I needed to discuss these 4 seasons. So, I brought in fans of all things spooky in Pennsylvania, the future Mr. and Mrs. Little Pfendt. Hosts of Leave the Hall Lights On, Tom and Ashley, brought the hellfire to answer such questions like:

  • Is Amenadiel the best character on TV right now?
  • When will Dan and/or Trixie die in Season 5?
  • Why is Chloe the worst character on the show?
  • And does Lucifer get Fate/Free-will, Assumption, and Heaven/Hell right?

We go 100+ Minutes, so put on your Orgy Pants, hide your Devil Face, and prepare to Suit Up!

****** SPOILERS ******

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