Between fatherhood, a lull in pop culture, and just pure laziness, it took a while for me and Chris to Suit Up! Thank God for Hobbs & Shaw! Please join us, as we go into one of our favorite film franchises, and if we win, we get the cash and get your respect.

What’s on tap?

  • We deep dive The Fast and the Furious Universe (the Furi-verse) (@ 14:33)
  • A defense of Tokyo Drift #WeStandForHan (@ 28:00)
  • We dig into Hobbs & Shaw (@ 52:47)
  • Predicting where the franchise might go (@ 1:08:00)
  • And we try to give Chris some new shows to stream (@ 1:19:30)

This is 85 minutes, so put your big boy pants on and Suit Up!

****** SPOILER ALERT ******