Time to Suit Up! on a Hodgepodge of Topics

Here at The Painted Lines, we like to discuss many things, so now Suit Up! is holding its first ever “Hodgepodgecast” (copyright pending). I couldn’t do it on my own, so I enlisted TPL’s very own Peter Parker Miles Morales: Jack (@JackConnellTPL).

First, we discuss cosplay and retro sports jerseys. Trust me, there are parallels, and it is why I wanted to bring Jack on the pod. This Bleacher Report article will help paint the picture: The Comic Con of the NBA.

Then, around minute 20, we get into The Walking Dead. I watch the main series and Jack reads the comics, so when the teaser trailer came out for a movie, possibly based in Philadelphia, we had much to discuss.

And finally, around minute 34, Jack teaches me some Yutes Speak!

Yute GIF
Explanation on a Yute

I know we go to different places in this episode, but we had a lot of fun, and we hope you enjoy! And if there are any other topics you want on a future Hodgepodgecast, let us know @SuitUpTPL or @CultureTPL.