For the first time since the season ended after a devastating Game 7 loss in Toronto, all of the 76ers players were available to media together. 20 players met with the media in rapid fire succession. Before we get to the starters, let’s give the award for most engaging. 

Winner of Media Day: Kyle O’Quinn 

O’Quinn went out of his way to stop me and say hello courtside last season before a game. He seems to be a huge addition to the culture of the team and can absolutely play a vital role in the preservation and preparation of the other big men in the Sixers rotation. O’Quinn definitely considers himself a leader of a second unit and embraces his role in preserving leads that a starting unit may build. 

Heck, he even went into the media section to go ask teammate and 757 mate Mike Scott a question about Virginia. 

Squad Goals: Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons spoke about eschewing individual goals and focusing on an NBA Championship. 


MVP Goals

Joel Embiid took the opposite tact. He said that winning MVP and DPOY were both goals of his and if he accomplished that, then team success would come with it. He did not seem inclined to discuss his feelings at length after Game 7 but did talk openly about his conditioning and maturation in taking care of his body.

The summer has been great. It’s been amazing. A lot of travel. I went to a lot of places. Worked really hard to get my body right and basketball too. Going to training camp, I’m excited. [We have a ] Pretty new team, added some guys. Got to work on the chemistry, but it’s going to be a great season.

Joel Embiid

Josh Richardson and the Point of Attack 

One thing you’ll get out of me every night is intensity. I always play every play like it’s my last. I always try to do whatever I can to help the team win. I’m kind of a guy that can morph into any role that I need to on any nightly basis to give us the best chance to win.


Al Horford : Guru 

I think that Joel is a really good offensive player. We are going to talk, but he is going to be fine. If you look at the stat line, he is just doing his thing. I’m here to help him, and I am here to help the team.


Tobias Harris: Initiator

My individual goal for this season is to be the best player I can be for this team, and help win us a championship. For this group and this team that we have, it’s to help us be the best team and help us grow into a team that can win a championship. For me, that’s my individual goal.