Single Parents – E2.3 Derek Sucks Review

The Painted Lines does not believe ALL Derek’s suck, that is just the title of this week’s Single Parents. However, if you are a Derek that sucks. Do better.


A Blast from the Past

This week, ABC pulled a stunt with its “Blast from the Past” week. Cheers showed up on The Goldbergs, Charmed showed up on Grey’s Anatomy, and The O.C. showed up on Single Parents. I think the Friday night shows were the only shows with an actual ABC to ABC connection, but I digress.

Single Parents brought us the next logical steps for an always great sitcom storyline: The Love Triangle. Derek showed up on Angie’s stoop last week, and like any sane adult, Angie kept him outside while she ran to Will and Miggie. These chuckleheads were partnering to put together some “IKEA-like” furniture for Baby Jack, but once Angie needed help, Miggie was placed on the back burner.

A Tale as Old as Time

In television, a Love Triangle usually has the audience rooting for either side to win. For instance, on Lost, early on there was the Jack/Sawyer/Kate trifecta. You’d be happy if Jack & Kate, Sawyer & Kate or even Jack & Sawyer found love. But on Single Parents, I don’t buy that Will/Angie/Derek is the actual Love Triangle.

It’s clearly the Miggie/Will/Angie triangle. But it’s Friend Love.

We knew Angie was going to go back to Derek, even if it was brief. Derek reminds her of her past, a time when Angie loved hanging out backstage with the band. But at the same time, we knew Angie wasn’t going to stay with Derek. She’s grown too much.

So when a random printer fire starts in the home, it didn’t matter that Derek saved Graham’s stuffed animal. But the show did a great job in finding a compromise.

Movie night as a Single Parent is Different

The B-plot had Douglas and Poppy trying to get through a second first date. It’s a sitcom, so of course nothing goes as planned: the kids decide to snoop on their parents. This plot also had the creepiest moment in the series – and it involves children in bonnets.

Now, I don’t know if I buy Douglas and Poppy will stay together long term, especially if he wants to keep lying to his daughters. But the ending was part of his redemption arc. I’m a sucker for a good redemption arc.

What’s next?

In my unsolicited opinion, have Angie get back together with Derek. I need Will at his most manic, I need Miggie to become pissed off, and I need Graham to know his father. Have Douglas and Poppy move in together. Watching the Fogerty twins and Rory hatch plans will only get better when all 5 are living together.

Episode Review 7.9 / 10.0