When we last left our heroes, the parents were left alone all summer. Now the kids are back, and it looks like 2nd Grade will change everything.

In order to keep an audience, the same high-jinks aren’t acceptable. Children, Parents, they evolve over time, so a sitcom needs to do the same. So what changes are in store?

  • Will is no longer allowed to be the Room Parent
  • Douglas loses a game of “Not It,” so he’s now the Room Parent (seriously)
  • Sophie grew into an “adult”
  • Graham regressed into a mama’s boy
  • And Miggie loves working in a dead end job (seriously)

Will Angie resent Miggie long-term?

As part of the B-Plot, Miggie begins to work with Angie. Miggie came to the same realization all parents figure out (single or otherwise) eventually, preschool is expensive. Some can cost upwards of $13,000 a year. Earning extra cash to better Little Jack’s life, it’s honorable. Surprisingly, Miggie is a natural, the exact opposite of Angie. It’s soul crushing for her and all new for Miggie. I definitely think Miggie will rise up the corporate ladder, while Angie will stay stagnant.

Will Douglas resent being Room Parent?

Hell no. This is the easiest prediction, and it all comes down to a few sentences from the twins:

As much as we like making fun of Everybody for you

it’s more fun making Fun of everyone with you…

Until next time…

Next week, ABC is doing a “Blast from the Past” marketing ploy for all their shows. For Single Parents, that means Adam Brody from the O.C. will return (Leighton Meesters’ real life husband and Graham’s biological father). Just another change on the horizon.

Episode Review 8.2 / 10.0