I understand Fleabag won all the Emmy’s recently, but in my house, the breakout comedy from last season was Single Parents. Season 1 created a universe and made the audience feel invested in a group of friends. Friends who might only be friends due to their kids.

The first season clearly learned a lesson from the later seasons of Cougar Town. At that point, Cougar Town knew it wasn’t about Courtney Cox dating 20-year-olds. Instead Cougar Town was about the Cul-de-Sac Crew. Season 1 of Single Parents quickly realized the single parents were not the draw, but it was the kids.

So I was bummed the Season 2 premiere only focused on the parents. I understand Will Cooper and Angie D’Amato should resonate with my demographic, but I much prefer Graham D’Amato and the Fogerty twins.

Now, it wasn’t all bad. There was some high comedy thanks to Miggie – the youngest parent in the group. He was not lucky enough to have his son sent to Lance Bass Space Camp, Hot Grandma’s House, or an Ex’s Honeymoon.

Yes, that’s where the kids were.

Instead, little Jack tagged along with Miggie and hilarity ensued. Two moments stood out: Miggie realizing Jack might have gotten smaller and that Jack needed to write on the wall instead of eating markers. Those moments put a smile on my face because if I ever became a single parent, I envisioned my potential “Jack” getting treated the same way.

Yes, the smile slowly turned into fear.

Final Verdict

Was I bummed the kids were barely in the episode? Yes.

Did I laugh in this episode? Yes.

Did I think this was the best season premiere? No.

Episode Review 6.0 / 10.0

Will Dave Keep the Season Pass? Yes