Black and white close up photo of Jenna Kyle Photo credit: Patrice Lighter

Jenna Kyle is an American singer-songwriter, producer and live electronic artist who creates music, experiences and aesthetics that transcend the day to day. Her music is not the soundtrack to your daily routine, but a portal to an alternate reality. Only 2% of music producers in the industry are female and Jenna Kyle is one of them.

Kyle’s music has a techno vibe, incredible textures and layered multilingual lyrics. Given her talent, I think she is an artist to keep an eye on now that she has emerged on the solo scene. Prior to this debut solo EP, Jenna Kyle’s original song “Keep Moving On” was selected by the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI) for their 2014 National Fall campaign #iwillisten. Kyle continues to advocate for a variety of health and environmental causes.

Kyle teamed up with DJ/producer Sinego, who created a dark, organic house mix Kyle’s recently released title track “Ojos” — which they call “La Noche Mix” — out now. The track caught Sinego’s attention instantly and this collaboration highlights Kyle’s love of production and connection and takes the track to new places. 

I am a producer

Kyle says, “Ojos is the first song I wrote and produced myself. It’s surprising how few women are producing music still, but the doors are definitely open and there’s a strong group of us out here doing it! I vacillate between feeling enraged that there are so few women in the profession, while simultaneously feeling proud to help hold the torch for the next generation of female producers coming up, all while battling the imposter syndrome many of us feel when saying “I am a producer, I produced this myself!”
The track is heavily influenced by her travels over the past several years and her long time partnership and collaboration with Brazilian / Argentine drummer Bruno Esrubilsky which contributed to a globally-minded sound and an influx of Spanish and Portuguese lyrics. 

Ojos” was released along with a lyric video you can view above. I personally am not a fan of the video. It’s shot with a fisheye lens. It includes terrible paper doll-looking cut-outs of her “dancing,” and seriously ruins the vibe for me. If it’s playing in the background, I can get into it, don’t make me watch.

Jenna’s latest release, ‘Tell Me,’ is the first single off her forthcoming EP. It is a capstone of her experience of trying on different personas and processes.

Tell Me by Jenna Kyle


01. Ojos
02. Abre La
03. Tell Me
04. Ojos (La Noche Mix – Radio Edit)- Sinego, Jenna Kyle