New Day, New Vibes

Wowzers, what another great day at the Wizard World Comic Convention in Philadelphia. Chris and I were joined by Jason to get our last look at the convention, and of course buy some new dice.

I lost Jason for 30 minutes while he went deep into the Dungeon

We expected more attendees, but Friday’s energy was palpable. Not sure if it was the weather or the cast of RWBY, but everyone brought their A-game yesterday. The cosplay was my favorite part of the entire event – sorry Thomas Ian Nicholas. One attendee spent 36 hours on a Swamp Thing costume, a 7 foot Thanos walked around courtesy of the NYAvengers, and some just wore Yoda Ears or a Captain America shirt.

Just lazy

We even solved two of the hardest mysteries on the planet thanks to Trip Bee Travel

Philadelphia…They were in Philadelphia!

With the crowds on hand, we were only able to steal one celebrity away for an interview, Kevin Conroy. The advice Mr. Conroy gives to Robert Pattinson and working alongside Mark Hamill is legendary.

All in all, the attendance on Friday was nearly double that of Thursday, and Wizard World expects the attendance to double again this weekend.

What’s in store for Saturday and Sunday?

From what we gathered, this weekend will have every celebrity and artist available for the fans: guest list as of 6/14. But in a shocking turn of events, we will be there on Saturday too. The Painted Lines will be interviewing Hoshi’s Nerd Squad at 3pm on Saturday. Their mission is all about positivity through cosplay – cospositivity.

There are a ton of vendors, so go buy some lightsabers, loot crates, commissioned art, or D12 dice! There will definitely be more of this too:

Where does Suit Up! go from here?

Growth – both in our craft and in our content. As mentioned in our preview article, this event was going to be a training ground for where Suit Up! could go. Just like The Painted Lines, we didn’t just want to be one thing (a podcast), so we dabbled in Twitter Live!, Video Interviews, and In-Person Polls. We think we know what the score of the US Women’s National team will be on Sunday; it will be 5-0, 10-0, 5-2 or 5-3…it will be a win though!

But we were also severely unprepared:

#SixersTwitter is a force to be reckoned with, but that didn’t mean anything at a Comic Convention. So we will continue growing our social media platform with more involvement with Instagram and YouTube. We met a lot of great vendors and nerds like us, so we might host game nights at Tiki Tiki Board Games, and we might even interview more Bat Dogs.

All in all, this was an event to get a pulse on what Suit Up! could be, and just like Friday, there’s excitement in the air at the TPL Offices.

More to come, S’Uppers!