Opening Day of the 2021 Major League Baseball season is finally upon us. What better way to kill the remaining hours before baseball starts than attempting to predict the most unpredictable sport? Be sure to bookmark this page so you can laugh at me come October. 

N.L. East standings

1st. Atlanta Braves- 95-67

2nd. Philadelphia Phillies- 89-73

3rd. New York Mets- 88-72

4th. Washington Nationals- 81-81

5th. Miami Marlins- 70-92

This one will be a dog fight. I still don’t think the Mets and Phillies have enough to unseat the Braves as champions, however the race between the two for the second Wild Card will come down to the wire. Washington is a fading star and the Marlins regress to the mean. More on this division here. Phillies-centric predictions here.

N.L. West Standings

1st. Los Angeles Dodgers- 105-55

2nd. San Diego Padres- 99-63

3rd. Arizona Diamondbacks- 80-82

4th. San Francisco Giants- 72-90

5th. Colorado Rockies- 65-97

The Dodgers and Padres will both make the postseason. The only question is who will be the division winner and who will be the first Wild Card. We’ll give the edge to the reigning World Series champs. Elsewhere, the Diamondbacks fall victim to the top dogs, the Giants continue rebuilding, and the Rockies suffer immensely without Nolan Arenado and soon Trevor Story.

N.L. Central

1st. St. Louis Cardinals- 90-70

2nd. Milwaukee Brewers- 86-76

3rd. Cincinnati Reds- 82-80

4th. Chicago Cubs- 78-84

5th. Pittsburgh Pirates- 50-112

The Cardinals and their shiny new third baseman Nolan Arenado are the best team in the division on paper and they back it up.. A resurgence from Christian Yelich puts Milwaukee in the hunt but they ultimately fall short. The Reds suffer without Trevor Bauer despite a bounce-back from Eugenio Suarez. The Cubs signal a full rebuild with trades of Kris Bryant and Javier Baez. The Pirates are firmly in the discussion for one of the worst teams ever for the entire season. 

A.L. East

1st. New York Yankees-102-60

2nd. Toronto Blue Jays- 91-71

3rd. Tampa Bay Rays- 85-75

4th. Boston Red Sox- 79-85

5th. Baltimore Orioles- 68-94

The Yankees reclaim their spot atop the division in a normal season thanks to their offense outweighing a shaky rotation outside of Gerrit Cole. Toronto is a big surprise and makes a splash at the deadline to claim a Wild Card spot. The Rays stay in contention but fall behind the pack with no Charlie Morton or Blake Snell. Boston sells off some more of its old championship core. Baltimore avoids the 100 loss mark and Trey Mancini is an All Star in his return from colon cancer.

A.L. West

1st. Los Angeles Angels- 90-72

2nd. Houston Astros- 88-74

3rd. Oakland Athletics- 83-77

4th. Seattle Mariners- 69-93

5th. Texas Rangers- 67-95

George Springer’s departure and Shohei Ohtani’s health means the Angels are finally able to get Mike Trout back to the postseason. However, the team everyone loves to hate in Houston is still in it to the end but ultimately misses out on a postseason spot. Seattle and Texas duke it out for last place, but at least Mariners fans have Jarred Kelenic to look forward to after his service time manipulation ends.

A.L. Central

1st. Minnesota Twins- 95-67

2nd. Chicago White Sox- 93-69

3rd. Cleveland- 79-82

4th. Kansas City Royals- 75-87

5th. Detroit Tigers- 61-101

The Twins are able to take advantage of Eloy Jimenez’s injury absence in Chicago, but both talented rosters make the postseason regardless. Cleveland’s talented rotation isn’t able to overcome the dip in lineup production without Francisco Lindor. The Royals think long and hard about what to do with Whit Merrifield. The Tigers fail to out-tank the Pirates and settle for the second overall pick. 


World Series- Dodgers over Yankees in six

World Series MVP- Walker Buehler



N.L. MVP- Fernando Tatis Jr.

N.L. Cy Young- Jacob DeGrom

N.L. Rookie of the Year- Sixto Sanchez

A.L. MVP- Mike Trout

A.L. Cy Young- Gerrit Cole

A.L. Rookie of the Year- Jarred Kelenic