Player Piano – Welcome to the “Spark Tank”

What if we built a podcast around “Pitch Meetings?”

There is always concerns over “Yet Another Podcast” idea, but lucky for me, we have Player Piano.

What is on Tap?

I gave Jason a break from hosting, so we can discuss the concept of “Spark Tank.” We even give 2 of my ideas a test run.

At the end of the day, the goal of “Spark Tank” is to foster a conversation. I want to answer the question: Should I go all in, or should I stop daydreaming? Many times when I watch West Texas Investors Club or Shark Tank the investors aren’t looking for ideas or concepts. They would rather know the margin instead of ideating, but Jason and I love to ideate!

We hope you enjoy this different slant!

If you’d like to contribute, please reach out to us on Twitter or Reddit.

And bonus points if you get the The Clerks reference without Google!