I go over my own personal experience from last night’s open practice for the Philadelphia Eagles. If you haven’t been to one, or never got to experience being in Lincoln Financial Field, it is definitely something you should try out. 

There’s a First for Everything 

So, as a lifelong Philly sports fan, and more specifically a lifelong Eagles fan, last night was actually my first time being in the Linc. I have been to countless Sixers and Phillies games, but I never got to experience what it was like being in the Linc until last night. I never been to an Eagles game, but I did get to experience a training camp back in the Lehigh Valley days. 

I have never been to a Philadelphia Eagles game for many different reasons. For one, the obvious reason being how expensive and difficult it can be to acquire tickets. But trust me, I can’t tell you the last Eagles game I have missed. Since I was about seven years old, I have watched every Eagles game you could imagine. Keep in mind, I am a 20 year old. 

The Atmosphere 

So like I said before, I have been to a lot of meaningful Sixers and Phillies games. And nothing will compare to the energy Philly sports fans bring. But, I never felt such an amazing atmosphere like last night’s crowd. It may have only been an open practice, but that didn’t hold back the passion and energy that the Eagles fans brought. 

I made sure to arrive early so that I could get seats in the first couple of rows. Which I did. I was able to snag seats in row 8, right on the 40 yard line. Before that, I was waiting outside the entrance with a couple hundred fans with the same mindset as me. Constant Eagles chants were roared as the anticipation for the gate doors to open went up as each second passed. 

My favorite part of the night was when many popular faces came out of the tunnels. The key ones being both head coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz came out rather early to stretch and prepare for the night. I never felt such amazing energy as when Carson was first spotted coming out of the tunnel. The love and energy in the building was unreal. I get goosebumps thinking about it still. I knew I was in for a treat after that moment.

Live Action

So let’s be real, this is what we came to see. As a lifelong football fanatic and Eagles fan, I wanted to see some live football action, from the best athletes in the world. From the 7-on-7 drills to the special teams and the 11-on-11, I just couldn’t appreciate it enough. I was in awe at both the size and athleticism that these players had on display. The television broadcast can only do so much justice for something like this. 

Seeing DeSean Jackson burn some of the Eagles’ secondary players was quite the sight. Even at his age, the dude can still fly. I remember watching him live in his rookie year at Lehigh University; where my parents took me, a young, passionate, 4th grade Eagles fan. So to see him back on the team now is simply amazing. 

The standout star of the night was actually rookie running back Miles Sanders. He really put on a great display of instincts and natural talent. He reminded me a lot of a former running back who played here. I am not saying Miles Sanders will be as good as LeSean McCoy, but he resembles him a lot. And, seeing him play live was truly special.


So, last night was also military appreciation night at the Eagles open practice. To conclude the practice session, the starting Philadelphia Eagles players exchanged jerseys and pictures with military men and women. It was a very heart warming thing to see. And it was an excellent way to cap off an amazing night.