As all of Philadelphia loses their minds over Howie Roseman missing out on Jalen Ramsey, there is still a big game this Sunday night. Not just any other game. A game in which the top spot in the NFC East is up for grabs. The secondary continues to be the weakest link on this team. But, it is time for the best unit on this team to set the tone, and carry the workload. 

Not Living Up to Expectations

Heading into the 2019-20 NFL Season, almost everyone expected the Philadelphia Eagles to have one of the best offensive units in the league. Well, six games in, that simply hasn’t been the case. For as little as GM Howie Roseman did to improve the defense this offseason, he did the complete opposite for the offense. Between free agency and the draft, Howie Roseman put a high-powered offense together. That was the expectation at least.

This offense has shown glimpses of the potential it has, but it has just been far too inconsistent. The stats down below will prove that. 

So, as you can see The Philadelphia Eagles are 9th in points scored per game, 20th in yards per game, 16th in passing yards per game, and 15th in rushing yards per game. So, I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound very high-powered to me. In fact, that sounds very, very mediocre. You can say what you want about how bad the defense or secondary is, but if this offense doesn’t improve these rankings, this season will never meet the expectations it once had.

Too Conservative!

The DeSean Jackson signing seemed like a dream scenario for the Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz would finally have the deep threat he has been searching for. Unfortunately, DeSean has only played in really one and a half games this season. This offense relies way too heavily on DeSean Jackson to generate big, explosive plays down the field. Down below you will see just how conservative this Eagles offense has been this year.


The Philadelphia Eagles offense lacks explosion. Period. They rank in the bottom of the NFL in basically every yards per play category. Eventually the excuse of not having DeSean Jackson needs to stop. Whether it’s the scheme Doug Pederson and Mike Groh implement or the wide receivers not being able to generate anything down the field, something (everything?) must change. Everyone deserves fair blame for this lack of yards per play. 

Even without DeSean Jackson, this Eagles offense should be able to generate more down the field. Here’s a look at the most 30-yard catches for Eagles players under Doug Pederson.

The two top names are both healthy and in the mix right now for this Eagles offense. There is no reason why both Nelson Agholor and Alshon Jeffery shouldn’t be used occasionally on deep routes. This all falls on the offensive coaching staff and the receivers to both get open and ultimately track, as well as catch, Carson’s deep ball. There have been far too many instances where these receivers aren’t tracking the football or holding onto it in the end. 

Early Game

Every time Carson Wentz and this Eagles offense steps onto the field, it seems they are always playing from behind. And I mean always! The opposing team always seems to score on its opening drive, putting this Eagles offense in a tough spot. Doug has had to scrap his initial game plans, and it has just caused a major lack of rhythm for this offense.

Doug Pederson said recently that he may elect to receive the ball rather than differ at the start of games. This is a change that must happen. The Philadelphia Eagles need to do everything they can to trot the better unit on the field first. Not the weaker unit. The bottom line is this, this Eagles offense must improve, and it must start games off much better. With a few quick scheme fixes, as well as a change in approach to the first half of games, this can be fixed. Let’s hope we start to see those changes this Sunday against our arch rival, the Dallas Cowboys.