Deibs (@mrcrockpot on Twitter), Shane (@HAFFnHAFF_TPL) and Rob (@Philly_Madness) to the show to breakdown the biggest questions surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles and the 2021 NFL Draft! Audio and video available below!

Discussion topics includeโ€ฆ

  • Is it likely that we see a Zach Ertz trade on draft day?
  • Do you see the Eagles trading back up to attempt to get Kyle Pitts or Ja’Marr Chase?
  • You can chose one super hero to start at any position for the Eagles. Who is your pick and why?ย 
  • What is your nightmare scenario for the Eagles in the draft?
  • What is your current obsession in your free time?
  • Power rank the stages of the NFL year: Training camp, Preseason, regular season, playoffs, Combine/pro days, draft
  • What is the maddest you have ever gotten about something football related?
  • Jake Elliott missed 2 PATs and FGs from 22, 29, 52, 53, and 57 yards this year. Given 1 chance at each kick how many could you make?
  • What is the most epic sports moment you have witnessed in person?
  • Imagine you are an NFL prospect with your current build/athleticism. What position would you play and what is the scouting report on you?
  • What current Eagle are you higher on than most fans? Lower?

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