Photo by Wayne Terry, TPL

Coach Brett Brown held a lunch with the Philadelphia media on Wednesday and provided interesting quotes surrounding the upcoming season. 

The event led to some noteworthy quotes about the upcoming NBA season, a big season for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Quotes ranged from talking about the team’s new acquisitions to questions remaining about the franchise players, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. TPL’s own Jason Blevins attended the event and posted some noteworthy quotes which can be found below:


The quotes above — among others — give us a glimpse into the new-look Philadelphia 76ers before the much anticipated preseason. Brett Brown dropped a major hint into how the Sixers plan to utilize young star Ben Simmons in the upcoming season:


This quote will likely fly under the radar, but it is indeed a major deal. The Sixers rarely utilized Ben Simmons off the ball, mainly due to his inability/unwillingness to shoot jump shots. Whenever they did, they put him underneath the rim to play into his biggest strengths. However, this appears to be a plan of the past. 

Both the Sixers and Ben Simmons seem to be going into this season with a different plan in mind; one that involves him shooting jumpers in a live game situation.

The Corner Three

Putting Simmons in the corner is entirely a strategical move for a few reasons. It’s a lot easier to get open corner threes due to defenders helping around the paint. Ben Simmons will have the opportunity to get a lot of open three point shots when playing off the ball. 

Technically speaking, the corner three is the easiest three to actually attempt. The distance between the corners to the rim is actually shorter than the top of the key, a 1.75 feet difference. 

Teams often use this strategy to develop player’s jump shots; Raptors star Pascal Siakam is a great example of this. Siakam shot over 40% from behind the arc, in the corner. He shot a combined 27% from three from anywhere else on the court.

While Simmons and Siakam are two completely different players, the Sixers may be trying to copy the Raptors’ approach of development. Putting Siakam in the corner was enough spacing for the Raptors to run an efficient offense in the playoffs. 

Regardless of result, the Sixers seem somewhat confident in Ben Simmons being somewhat willing to attempt jumpers in a live game. It’s a big development for the rising star. Time to see if that offseason work paid off.