Who doesn’t know what a tractor pull is?

Sometimes a fish out of water story works, sometimes it doesn’t. I think it works for Perfect Harmony, especially seeing Bradley Whitford carry a stuffed rooster with a fork in its nose.

bradley whitford holding a rooster
We’ve all been there before…

Just like the “Pilot,” the characters carry the episode – the reverend showed off his “UK” tattoo – “Go Wildcats!” And just like the “Pilot,” the week’s episode was funny. It is the week we are introduced to the town’s founder’s day carnival: Fork Fest.

Now, I’ve been watching a lot of The Good Place, so hearing Fork-a-ritas or Fork Fest brought a smile to my face. Every time. To me, broadcast TV has made its shows funnier by swapping out the swear words with innocuous words. I have even started saying “shirtballs” and “son of a bench” at work. Perfect Harmony continues the trend.

Glorious – Macklemore

This week, the Second First Church choir covers Glorious by Macklemore. It seems that Anna Camp is the only one that can sing. I’m sure others will shine, but she stands out during the song. I’m a big fan of Macklemore, and his choir songs usually bring a chill to my arms. But since the singing wasn’t great, I felt nothing. The weird arm motions probably didn’t help.

A yearly tradition?

Let’s assume that Perfect Harmony can get future seasons. I really hope the annual Fork Fest becomes an episode every year. Just like The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horrors” or Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “Halloween” episodes. I need this yearly episode because I really need to know what game allows someone to win a machete.

Episode Review 7.7 / 10.0