When the previews for Perfect Harmony started circulating, all I kept asking myself was, “Do we need to mix Pitch Perfect and The 700 Club?” No. We don’t need a show about a choir. I still don’t.

However, after watching the Pilot episode, all I kept asking myself, “Man, why isn’t Bradley Whitford in more comedies?”

Whitford saves the Pilot with his fast-talking and cantankerous attitude, something I should have expected. Whether it was Get Out, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, or Billy Madison he consistently brings his A-game to any project. Regardless of the premise. Speaking of premise…

The premise of this show is ridiculous: disgraced Princeton Professor helps a choir in Rural America. It’s basically the plot of A.P. Bio: disgraced Harvard Professor teaches at a high school in Ohio. However, A.P. Bio excelled due to its casting, and I think Perfect Harmony will do the same. If you haven’t seen the Cinemax show Banshee, then you might not understand how weird it is to see Geno Segers acting and singing insecure. But it freaking works. Even Anna Camp combines her True Blood and Pitch Perfect personas into a well-meaning leader, that dare I say, is in perfect harmony.

Final Verdict

The show’s premise is unoriginal, but the casting and dialogue bring my final score higher. As pilots go, I have seen worse and I have seen better. At the end of the day, I have faith in this cast and creator, so I fully expect Perfect Harmony to receive a full season order.

Pilot Review 6.5 / 10.0

Will Dave Set a Season Pass? Yes