Dapree Bryant, Wide Receiver 

High School: Coatesville Area High School

College: Villanova 

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 180 lbs


  • A part of 4 Ches-Mont titles and 2 District 1 Championships
  • Most receptions in Ches-Mont history (194)
  • 3 straight 1,000 yard receiving seasons
  • Most receiving yards in Ches-Mont history (3,708)
  • Most receiving TD’s in Ches-Mont history (54)
  • 826 Rushing Yards with 12 Touchdowns
  • 8 Interceptions


Dapree is easily the most lethal receiver to come out of this area in recent memory. Shattering nearly every record that was set before him, he now holds the most Yards, Receptions, and Touchdowns in area history. Bryant will be someone who won’t be forgotten around here for awhile. Coatesville has been dominant for the last several years, and Dapree Bryant is a huge reason for that. Having had 1,000 yard years since he was a sophomore, it was easy to tell he was going to be something special. Bryant will be continuing his playing career with his star quarterback Ricky Ortega at Villanova University.

Dapree Bryant chatted with The Painted Lines to discuss his high school career and take a look ahead to his upcoming time at Villanova.

What has been your favorite moment at Coatesville?

Playing on Friday nights in front of my community. 

What led you to choose Villanova?  

It felt like home the first time I stepped on campus.

Who do you thank most for your success? 

My parents; they pushed me to be a better player on and off the field and made me the person I am today. 

What are your goals for Villanova? 

My goals are to produce no matter what and make everyone around me better.

What do you look to bring to the next level?

At the next level, I just want to showcase my talent. The stuff I did as a high school player, I want to do in college, so that I can show everyone that I can play at any level I want to play at. 

What are your hobbies outside of football? 

I play basketball and run track.

Do you have any messages for your coaches from either your past or future?

I want to thank my coaches from my past for believing in me. And my future coaches, you’re getting a baller.

You’re arguably the most dominant skill player to ever come out of Coatesville. What was it like working with Ricky Ortega, forming the best QB-Receiver duo in PA in the last decade?

It was great working with him. We’ve known and played with each other for so many years that it made everything so much easier on the field. I knew he could get me the ball. I just had to make the play and go get the ball.