You can hear the poise in Patrick “Patchy” Mix’s voice when you speak to him. Fresh off of a Bellator debut at Madison Square Garden in which it took just over a minute to finish his opponent, Mix carries a confidence in his abilities inside the cage.

Now, Mix is bringing that confidence to Bellator 232 this Saturday when he faces Isaiah Chapman (7-3) in a bantamweight clash. Undefeated at 11-0, Mix is unphased by Chapman being a last minute replacement opponent.

“I think my game is so set on my style,” Mix told The Painted Lines. “I do the things I do so well that I don’t really make too many adjustments. In the past I’ve done this walk, and I’ve gotten an opponent changed the same week of the fight maybe six other times, so I’m used to it.

“I’m very familiar with Isaiah. He’s a really tough cat on the regional scene, so I’m very familiar with him, and I know he’s pretty good, so I believe it’ll be a great fight.”

New Training Ground

Mix has been training with some of MMA’s elite to prepare himself for the fight. Jackson Wink Academy is the long time home to top level fighters such as Jon Jones, Holly Holm, and Diego Sanchez.

“Patchy,” the New York native, has now found a new home at the New Mexico camp.

“It’s iron sharpens iron, man. We have a shark tank. I train a lot with Chris Brown, Aaron Pico, Edwin Cooper, AJ Robb, and John Dodson. I did a lot of rolls with Carlos Condit this camp. We’ve got a very good team with Mike Winklejohn, ‘Six Gun’ (Brandon) Gibson, Greg Jackson, Harry St. Leger, and Joey V (Joey Villasensor). I’ve got a really good team down there.”

Old Motivational Source

As for where he finds his desire to be great, “Patchy” points to his family which keeps him going. Mix’s daughter, Miara, is his driving force. He also gives credit to his mother for raising him and his siblings during difficult times.

“She’s (Miara) my motivation. As for me, as a kid I come from pretty much nothing. My dad wasn’t there a lot when I was growing up. Granted, he’s here now. I want to be a father for her. I want to be there for her. I want to give her a life that I didn’t have. I want to give her a life that she deserves. She’s my motivation, her and my mom. My mom’s been struggling to raise me and my three brothers and sisters my whole life. So I want to take care of my mom, my daughter, my brothers and sisters, my family. They’re all my motivation.”

With a loaded skillset and a steady composure to match, it’s hard to deny Mix’s path to the top of the division. Mix has his eyes on future accomplishments as well but knows he needs to focus on the fight at hand first.

The former King of the Cage champion can’t hide his confidence though.

“If I can take this guy out and be healthy…I know they’ve got a show in Japan in December. I wouldn’t be opposed to that. I’m just trying to take this guy out, and we’ll go from there. But if I can finish him, I’m 12-0 with nine finishes. Nobody on this bantamweight roster has those credentials, I’ll tell you that much. You’re going to have to put me out in that cage in order for me to not come out victorious.”