“Who wants to live forever” The aspiring young entertainer sang, strumming her old warped mandolin. The Quintex had come across a roadside camp of travelers heading north, the opposite direction of the party, as they head south towards Matria. “I had to get out, I’m going to make my fortune in Broadwalk!” Said an enthusiastic young fellow. “Matria is fine, but it’s so boring,” Said another wiry young lass. “How so?” Inquired Karnath, the half-dragon. “It’s just so crowded, and there is nothing to do. I hear, in Broadwalk; you can do anything!”

“You can even die! And they sweep you up and feed you to pigs.” Replied a brooding Havil, the bare-chest, northern Barbarian seemingly always itching for a confrontation. “Haha, I love it! Feels so dangerous!” squealed a relaxing lad who was carving a sling, albeit poorly. 

“I’m so tired of just taking care of my grandmom and doing the same thing day after day,” Said the wiry lass. “I need an adventure!” she said, and the others in camp cheer! “yes! Adventure! fortune!”

A life untested is a life unlived

“Who wants to live forever” Episode three of the Paint & Pendulum. Paint & Pendulum is a live play dungeons and dragons podcast on TPL Youtube airing on Sunday evenings at 7 pm EST.

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