The Philadelphia 76ers have been in Orlando for less than 48hrs, and they seem to be settling in nicely. The coach and players have met with media twice so far, the most recent being before a morning practice Sunday. Here are some quick takeaways:

Matisse Thybulle Video Documentarian

Matisse Thybulle is actually doing us all a great service by documenting life inside the bubble. He launched a youtube channel and had episode 1 available which shows the travel to Orlando, and first impressions on the hotel, the meals and the health precautions.

Matisse Thybulle – Welcome To the Bubble

Brett Brown’s Focus Areas

Brett Brown has focused primarily on two things as the season has started to resume. Number 1 on the priority list is building a team. “There’s nothing like a team, I think its the thing I missed most about my job,” Said the 76ers Head coach. The second area of focus is fitness “I can take a B and make it an A, but I can’t take a C and make it an A. “I’m happy with their conditioning, I think Joel, especially, stood out,” said Brown on the team’s overall fitness base.

Brown says he will start out the games with a 10 man rotation but likely reduce that to 9 in the playoffs. “The gym will tell me, these guys will speak with their performance” regarding who is in that rotation.

Talking About Practice

Al Horford, Furkan Korkmaz, and Brett Brown all seemed very upbeat about the pace and intensity in their first practice. “We have 15 people, so we are going 5 on 5 on 5, something I call cutthroat,” said Brett Brown on the design of practices in Orlando.

The Sixers will practice again Monday afternoon.