The hot steak came to an end in week 5 as we went 1-2 and lost our top play on the Colts. Indy’s defense did not show up like expected and Rivers made a ton of mistakes. We splits the 2-star bets as the Panthers took care of business for us again, while the Eagles did what they do best, rip our hearts out and cost us money. Betting is all about having a short memory and trusting what you’ve been doing, so let’s get back to the winning ways in Week 6 of the NFL.

3-Star Bets: 2-3 (-3.54 Units)
2-Star Bets: 11-2 (+16.02 Units)
Total: +12.48 Units for a 66.2% Weighted Win Percentage

3-Star NFL Bet

Jaguars +3.5 vs Lions

The Jaguars have been a hard team to predict this year. They upset the Colts week 1, lost by 3 to the undefeated Titans in week 2, then proceeded to lose to 3 straight teams that hadn’t won a game yet. DJ Chark had a great game after returning from injury and I think this team will score enough points to beat a Detroit team that hasn’t played in two weeks. Sharp money is on the Jags right now and I believe this number will plummet back to the 2.5 at where it opened, so grab the Jags now when you’re getting the hook. Bet Jacksonville to cover 3.5.

2-Star NFL Bets

Colts -8 vs Bengals

The Colts disappointed us last week but I believe they bounce back with a vengeance vs the Bengals. I like Burrow a lot, but he has no help and no offensive line. This game shouldn’t be very close and the only thing keeping me from making this a 3-star bet is the fact that Phillip Rivers hasn’t looked very good to start the season. This is another game the Sharps are already liking, so a move closer to 10 could be in order here. Bet the Colts laying 8 points.

Giants -3 vs Washington

This is a hold your nose type of bet, but the Giants offense seemed to make some strides against the Cowboys last week. Meanwhile, Washington moved on from Haskins but found no success with Kyle Allen and Alex Smith. And while I truly admire Alex Smith, and love seeing him back playing football after that injury, this team is not very good. Daniel Jones needs to start proving himself and I think he gets on track this week and gets New York their first win of the season. Bet the Giants to win by more than a field goal.

Pick’Em NFL Bets (no spreads)

A 7-7 week won’t win anything, back to double digits this week.

Bears, Jaguars, Vikings, Titans, Giants, Steelers, Ravens, Colts, Packers, 49ers, Dolphins, Patriots, Cardinals, Chiefs

Survivor Pool Bets

Top play of Cowboys barely survives. 

Top Play: Dolphins over Jets
Secondary Plays: Patriots over Broncos and Colts over Bengals

Used: Cowboys, Rams, Browns, Buccs, Chiefs