We’re back! Sorry for the long hiatus, but a lot of personal life events took all my free time away. However, Money Makers is back for our Super Bowl Bets where we have traditionally made a large profit. Last year, thanks to Patrick Mahomes, we made over 23.81 units on the Super Bowl alone. Patty is back on the big stage, and so is Brady (who we’ve historically predicted accurately as we had him losing to the Eagles and beating the Rams the following year). 

Game Bet: Chiefs -3 (3-Star)

I am a little conflicted on this play. My gut and heart say the Chiefs will win, but bad things generally happen when you bet against Brady. Early money came in on the Bucs, which has been a very good predictor of who will cover the Super Bowl, however I think that is mainly due to the lure of Brady. Tampa Bay has not looked overly impressive in their three playoffs games thus far and should have probably lost in the NFC Championship game if the Packers knew how to play end of half defense or the value of Aaron Rodgers when you have a 4th and goal. Kansas City has the better quarterback, the better coach, more speed, and the bright lights won’t affect them as they were here last season. Besides Brady, this Bucs team has had more success than ever before, and while playing in their home stadium will help ease some nerves, I think the lights eventually get to them. Chiefs win 31-27.

Prop Bet Time

Player to Score the First TD (1-Unit Plays): Mahomes (+1800), Brady (+3500), Hill (+650), Evans (+900)
My rationale here is simple. I always bet on the two quarterbacks to score the first TD. The payouts are large and the odds are over-inflated in my opinion. Ty Hill is the playmaker who could start the game with a bang, while Mike Evans has started the last two Bucs games with the opening TD.

First Scoring Play (1-Unit): Buccaneers Field Goal (+420)
I think the Bucs will have the first drive of the game and will march down a bit, thanks to Brady’s calmness. However the drive will stall and they will settle for a 30-40 yard FG to open the game.

2.5 Players to Complete a Pass (1-Unit): Over 2.5 Players (+215)
Andy Reid is one of the more creative play callers, Brady almost caught a pass against the Eagles, I think the value is on the over on this prop as the Super Bowl opens up the entire playbook.

Exact Score of the Game (0.5-Unit): Chiefs 31-27 (+18000)
Hey, it’s what we predicted, so let’s put our money where our mouth is!