Welcome to the NFC East Positional Power Rankings! Now that the NFL draft is over, we will be breaking down 1 position group per week and power ranking each unit in the division. Today we are talking about the wide receivers!

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1) Dallas Cowboys 

The Depth Chart & 2020 Stats

  • Amari Cooper – 92 receptions for 1,114 yards (12.1 ypr) and 5 TDs
  • CeeDee Lamb – 74 receptions for 935 yards (12.6 ypr) and 5 TDs
  • Michael Gallup – 59 receptions for 843 yards (14.3 ypr) and 5 TDs
  • Cedrick Wilson – 17 receptions for 189 yards (11.1 ypr) and 2 TDs

You could make a solid argument that the Cowboys have the best receiving group in the NFL, let alone the division. WR was already a strength for Dallas with Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup heading into the 2020 NFL draft. Then they spent their 1st round pick on Cee Dee Lamb. Even with the ineffectual Andy Dalton at QB, the Cowboys were still close to having three 1,000 yard receivers in 2020.  

Though there isn’t much depth behind the big 3 for Dallas, they could withstand an injury to one of their receivers purely on the talent of the other 2. Amari Cooper is looking for his 4th consecutive 1,000-yard season in 2021. Given the state of the Dallas defense, this team is going to have to win shootouts. If you are playing fantasy football, you probably want Dak Prescott and Dallas pass catchers on your team.

2) Washington Football Team 

The Depth Chart & 2020 Stats

  • Terry McLaurin – 87 receptions for 1,118 yards (12.9 ypr) and 4 TDs
  • Curtis Samuel – 77 receptions for 851 yards (11.1 ypr) and 3 TDs
  • Kelvin Harmon – 30 receptions for 365 yards (12.2 ypr)
  • Dyami Brown – Rookie
  • Cam Simms – 32 receptions for 477 yards (14.9 ypr) and 1 TD

Terry McLaurin has been the top target for the Football Team since they selected him in the 3rd round 2 years ago. As a rookie, he put up 919 yards, and although his yards per reception fell last season, he topped the 1,100-yard mark. But McLaurin no longer has to do it on his own, as the Football Team signed free agent Curtis Samuel to a 3-year contract worth $34.5 million this offseason. Samuel has seen his receiving yards climb every season of his career and last season put up a career-best in yards, catch rate, and yards per target.  

The Football Team wasn’t content to stop there, adding Dyami Brown with the 82nd pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Brown has a great vertical route tree and adds yet another big-play threat to Head Coach Ron Rivera’s arsenal.

New York Giants 

The Depth Chart & 2020 Stats

  • Darius Slayton – 50 receptions for 751 yards (15 ypr) and 3 TDs
  • Kenny Golladay – 20 receptions for 338 yards (16.9 ypr) and 2 TDs
  • Sterling Shepard – 66 receptions for 656 yards (9.9 ypr) and 3 TDs
  • Kadarius Toney – Rookie
  • John Ross III – 2 receptions for 17 yards (8.5 ypr)

After being sniped by the Philadelphia Eagles (with an assist from the Dallas Cowboys) for WR DeVonta Smith, the Giants traded back with the Chicago Bears and selected WR Kadarius Toney with the 20th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. While you could certainly argue that they would have been better served to select QB Justin Fields, the Giants have made it clear that their top priority is surrounding QB Daniel Jones with weapons.  

They signed Kenny Golladay to a 4-year deal worth $72 million in free agency, took a flier on former top 10 pick John Ross, and still spent their 1st rounder on a receiver despite returning Darius Slayton and Sterling Shepard. There have been a lot of resources poured into this receiving room and it will be up to Daniel Jones to take advantage of them.

There are some questions about the free-agent signings, as both John Ross and Kenny Golladay will be returning from injuries in 2020. John Ross hurt his foot while attempting to change positions to cornerback and Kenny Golladay sustained a hip flexor injury that cost him half of the 2020 season.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Depth Chart & 2020 Stats

  • DeVonta Smith – Rookie
  • Jalen Reagor – 31 receptions for 396 yards (12.8 ypr) and 1 TD
  • Travis Fulgham – 38 receptions for 539 yards (14.2 ypr) and 4 TD
  • Quez Watkins – 7 receptions for 106 yards (15.1 ypr) and 1 TD
  • John Hightower – 10 receptions for 167 yards (16.7 ypr)
  • Greg Ward Jr – 53 receptions for 419 yards (7.9 ypr) and 6 TDs

The Eagles have a ton of youth and potential in their receiver room (as they should after investing back to back 1st round picks on the position) but they have no one who is proven at the NFL level. The 6 receivers listed above have 7 combined NFL seasons to their name and only have one 425+ yard receiving performance to show for it.  

Jalen Reagor struggled mightily as a rookie while Quez Watkins and John Hightower barely got on the field. Although Greg Ward has reliable hands, he is a complete liability after the catch and may struggle to make the roster. Travis Fulgham looked great for a month before he disappeared down the stretch.

If DeVonta Smith is the real deal, Jalen Reagor takes a big sophomore leap, and the new coaching staff can get Travis Fulgham back on track, then this could be a really exciting trio of WRs down the road. On the flip side, it could be another abysmal year for Eagles pass catchers if none of those things come to fruition.

Positional Power Rankings

  Cowboys Eagles Giants Football Team
QB 1 2 3 4
RB 3 2 1 4
WR 1 4 3 2
TE ?? ?? ?? ??
OL ?? ?? ?? ??
DL ?? ?? ?? ??
LB ?? ?? ?? ??
DB ?? ?? ?? ??
SPT ?? ?? ?? ??
AVG 1.7 2.7 2.3 3.3