Every year as the calendar rolls over to January of a new year, we humans like to take this as a fresh start in a certain area or two. Known as New Year’s Resolutions, this tradition is honored and applied worldwide. We turned to some of #SixersTwitter to find out what they think should be some resolutions of the our favorite NBA personalities.

Ben Simmons

@RYN_JAY and @ TravisBarkerson want Ben to shoot with his right hand. Personally, I want Ben to shoot more often (either hand) from 5 – 10 feet.

Joel Embiid

@DanSaysThat wants Joel to stop pump-faking from the top of the key.

Markelle Fultz

@_MattFalk_ wants to see Markelle Fultz figure it out in 2019. Don’t we all, Matt? Don’t we all?

Brett Brown

@Tweets_By_Zo wants to see what Brett Brown can do with a complete roster.

@WePhila wants to see less Brett Brown bashing in the new year.

Zhaire Smith

@mrcrockpot wants to see Zhaire Smith gain weight in 2019.

TJ McConnell

@CarsonFentz wants TJ McConnell to chill with the hair-cuts and let it flow in 2019.

Jimmy Butler

I want to see Jimmy Butler scoring more often in 2019. With this roster, there is no reason for him not to score 20+ every night.

Wilson Chandler

I’d like to see Wilson Chandler foul less often in 2019.

JJ Redick

I would like to see JJ Redick make more layups in the new year.

Landry Shamet

I want Landry to show some versatility in 2019. Seems like he is currently just a 3-point specialist right now. Want to see some evolution.

Fan Base

@mrcrockpot wants to control his anxiety regarding the fan base when the Sixers lose a game and everyone wants to fire Brett Brown.

Elton Brand

I really want to see Old School Chevy make some low-risk moves in the early part of 2019 to try to fill out this roster.