Denial. Small-town USA’s favorite pastime. Look no further than the latest episode of Nancy Drew.

Lucy Sable’s murder has been reduced to a nursery rhyme. But her death is somehow linked to Tiffany Hudson’s murder.

Ace gets a phone call from the sheriff while he’s at The Claw. Nancy eavesdrops on the phone call because she’s the suspicious time. It cracks me up every time he talks to him on the phone because Ace has the contact saved as “weed guy.”

Nick shows up, and George is friendly with her “one sugar and a splash of milk” coffee ready for him. Weird. She’s never friendly. I wonder where this is going? *eye roll* He is clearly still peeved with her because he thinks she is being too friendly with Owen.

Evil spirits are coming to Nancy Drew’s town

George’s mom, Victoria, comes into The Claw all upset and freaked out because she senses spirits. She said there are dark spirits coming for them. Then she sees them behind Nancy, Nick, Bess, Ace, and George. It’s a freaky moment, I’ll admit it. They kind of looked like Dementors from Harry Potter. All smoky, black, and ghostly. So she goes into the police station and falls asleep on the bench, apparently because it is the least haunted place in Horseshoe Bay.

The ancient coins are apparently reacting to the new moon and bringing ghosties to frolic at the bay. Nancy barters with Victoria and says she will get rid of the coins if they have a séance to try and speak with dead Lucy. Oy vey! So, get in and get out, this is how we handle a séance with a dead girl during a new moon while Dementor-like spooks are floating about the town.

Family dinner

Nancy’s dad is back in town and would like to start having family dinners again. Bizarre, the man is never around for Nancy and now suddenly he’d like to have steak with her? What’s up, Carson Drew?

Fifteen minutes into this week’s episode, and I’m already having the Nancy Drew whiplash.

Sea Queen blog

Nancy Drew interviews Candace, the runner up who lost to Lucy Sable. She asks what was said to Lucy the night she won the crown. Turns out, there was a rumor going around that Lucy was sleeping with the judges. I don’t know if I believe that, because everything we know about Lucy has suggested she was interested in Ryan Hudson, why would she be sleeping around?

Laura’s publicity blitz

Laura Tandy put posters up around the town saying her sister was murdered and that the sheriff is an idiot. He is not happy about this, obviously, and begins to tear them down. For some reason, he is mad at Ace for not warning him that Laura was working on slandering him. Ace didn’t know, and come on now Sheriff, it’s not his job to be your nark.

Money talks

Nick has been trying to come up with new leads on who might have killed Lucy. He looks into bank records to see if the Hudsons paid off anyone around the time of the murder. Turns out they did pay off someone a rather large sum of money two days after Lucy was killed. Who? Carson Drew. Oooo, the plot thickens. Nancy kind of freaks out with this information.

Carson Drew lets Laura know that Celia Hudson would like to settle outside of court. Laura says no; she doesn’t want the Hudsons to get a dime of her sister’s money. If the Hudsons do not get Tiffany’s money, who does? I’ll give you three guesses… Laura, Laura, Laura.

Nick and Nancy are talking in a warehouse when the container with the coins falls on the ground. Then they see the creepy, evil spirits. When they get the coins back in the box, the creepy-ass spirits disappear. The paranormal aspects of this show are pretty good.

Good news, bad news for Nancy Drew

Tiffany was murdered, we knew this, but Nancy received the phone call from her scientist friend who ran the toxicology reports on the blood she stole from the morgue. A rare, hard to detect poison killed Tiffany. This is good news because it means they are on the right track and should continue to investigate. The bad news is that the box with all the Lucy evidence has disappeared. They needed it for the séance, so this is a problem.

Lucy’s charm bracelet

Nancy Drew -- "The Tale of The Fallen Sea Queen" -- Image Number: NCD107b_0259r.jpg -- Pictured: Kennedy McMann as Nancy -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Nancy Drew — “The Tale of The Fallen Sea Queen” — Image Number: NCD107b_0259r.jpg — Pictured: Kennedy McMann as Nancy — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Turns out that Lucy’s brother returned to Horseshoe Bay a year ago. He says Lucy gave him her bracelet the night she died, and she said, “Don’t believe what they say about me.” Nancy asks him if she can borrow the charm because she thinks it will help find out who killed his sister.

Chief McGinnis is a butt truffle

So not only is Chief McGinnis blackmailing Ace, but he is now attempting to blackmail Nancy Drew. He wants her help, and in return, he won’t share that she broke into the morgue and fed Tiffany her last meal. This is important information because Tiffany was poisoned, and it may have been from the food Nancy had given her prior to her death.

The dragon face says yes

Well, Victoria gets trashed, so The Claw crew decide to hold a séance on their own. They unleash the old coins, hold the bracelet charm over them and hope that Lucy Sable will communicate with them through a dragon game. They stress that they are calling on Lucy Sable and a woman’s arm grabs Nancy. She asks Lucy if she is haunting her because of what she found in the attic. Lucy responds “yes.” However, while the communicating is happening, the old coins end up melting. They are gone forever.

Nick asks Nancy what she found in the attic and if it has something to do with her dad. Nancy responds by saying that she just needs a little bit of time to figure it out. Nick says he needs a little bit of time to figure out their relationship. He says that she keeps pushing him away. She admits that she knows she does but that she is trying. He says he can’t do it anymore because there isn’t room in her life for him. They both are upset and Nick walks away, leaving her in the backroom of The Claw.

The spiraling end to this week’s Nancy Drew

Someone who is dead is speaking with Ted, which is George’s sister, through the dragon game. It is not Lucy. We do not know who it is, but my guess is maybe Tiffany? The entity seems to be a kind one. So I’m not too worried about it.

Nick is driving and comes across Laura’s overturned red Jeep. The accident looks gruesome. My guess is that she realized Ace was recording her and lost control of the Jeep. The first responders are trying to get Ace out of the Jeep, but we don’t know anything else. It does not look good for Laura or Ace though; all of the windows are shattered, and the Jeep is completely upside down.

When Nancy gets home, she gets a text message. She notices her father’s phone blinks at the same time. She realizes her dad has been monitoring her text messages and that he stole the box of Lucy’s remains. He is up to no good. The episode ends with Nancy Drew asking her dad if he killed Lucy. Of course, we will need to wait until the next episode to find out.

If you’re brave enough to catch the next episode, tune in on the CW next Wednesday at 9 p.m. or check back here for the recap.