Name of Player: Matisse Thybulle (A.K.A. Spiderman, The Disruptor, Matisse Threebulle)
Position: SG/SF
Level: Key Reserve (Rookie)
Manager: @phillyironlung


Matisse will be a nice addition to the lighter side of things already headlined by handsome devils such as Ben Simmons and Zhaire Smith. At 6’5”, Thybulle has a very long wingspan that he relies on for defense to make up for some lateral quickness deficiencies. One thing I hope Thybulle learns this season is how to be quicker on his feet using different techniques, chopping feet, core strength, etc. for more balance.

Matisse joins a very talented roster that is built to contend now. But that shouldn’t stop Matisse from logging significant minutes this season. Thybulle has the chance to be an above average 3 and D wing. To be able to contribute this season, however, he will have to gain some defensive polish and be able to at least shoot league average from deep and above average from the FT line.

Goals/Meets Expectations

  • 3-Point Field Goal Percentage >= 35%
  • Free Throw Percentage >= 75%
  • Top 3 in “stocks” (Steals/Blocks) among rookies
  • Effective at switching on the perimeter
  • Misses ¾ of season with undocumented illness or disease

Stretch Goals/Exceeds Expectations

  • Top 5 ROY voting
  • Average >= 10 Points Per Game
  • Makes 76ers Twitter forget about Carsen Edwards
  • 3-Point Field Goal Percentage >= 40%, FT% >=80%
  • Grows Man Beard that does not cover dimples, somehow becomes more handsome

Fails to Meet Expectations

  • Does not break something or contract polio and miss entire season
  • 3-Point Field Goal Percentage < League Average
  • Gets benched (DNP/CD) for 25 or more games – lack of defensive polish (fly-by’s on close outs, etc)
  • Shoots under 40% from the field