If you died today, how would you like to be remembered?

Michael Wilbon once asked Kobe how he would like to be remembered. 

“A player that didn’t waste a moment, someone who didn’t waste a day. Someone that lived everyday as if I was the 12th guy on the bench.” 

  • 5x NBA champion
  • 2x NBA Finals MVP                                            
  • NBA MVP (2008)                                                                      
  • 18x NBA All-Star                          
  • 4x NBA All-Star Game MVP
  • 2x Olympic Gold Medalist                
  • 11x All-NBA 1st Team                                          
  • 2x All-NBA 2nd Team                                                  
  • 2x All-NBA 3rd Team

Job well done…. 

Prayers going up to his wife, 3 girls and the other passengers lost today. Rest in paradise, Kobe and Gigi!