After his rookie season did not live up to expectations, things are starting to change for Scott Kingery. Although the sample size is very small, every time Gabe has called on him, he has made the most of his opportunities. 

In 25 at bats this season, Kingery has racked up 12 hits, two home runs, and has driven in six runs. His batting average is just under .500 and his on base percentage is .536. Kingery seems a lot more confident at the plate this season, and it is leaving manager Gabe Kapler with a tough decision.

The Future is Now?

Everyone knew that Scott Kingery was going to be the Phillies’ second basemen of the future. It was just a matter of when. With Cesar Hernandez struggling at the plate this season, is it time to give the second year player a run as the full time second basemen?

Kapler has some time to think about this decision as Jean Segura recently got injured. Both players will be needed in the lineup everyday for the time being. But when Segura is fully healthy and ready to come back to the Phillies, Gabe might have to consider rewarding Kingery for his hard work and hot play this season. If Kingery can prove that he can be the offensive player that he was in the minor leagues, it opens the Phillies up to the idea of packaging Cesar in a deal to land a starting pitcher for the rotation.

Having two solid players for the same position is obviously a good problem to have. It’s certainly better than the alternative of no good players. It will be interesting to follow which direction Kapler and the Phillies take moving forward. Regardless of who ends up as the everyday second basemen though, seeing Kingery’s improvement this season is unquestionable encouraging for the organization and fans alike.