In this week’s It’s Always Sunny, the gang gets brought in to be a focus group for an upcoming movie, tempted with the offer of Red Lobster gift cards to see what they believe is “a bull[crap] art movie.” It turns out to be the fifth installment of their favorite Thundergun franchise, with an appearance from Dolph Lundgren. When they see that their favorite franchise has gone from raunchy to a PG-13 toned down version as seen a lot in mainstream media recently, the gang is outraged, They complain that their outdated and inappropriate ideals – that are classic Sunny – are not included in this movie.

For example, Dee wanting women to have less of a role in movies and the gang wanting Dolph Lundgren to “Hang Dong.” The focus group leader finally had enough and lashed back at the gang. He counters that the teenage audience is the group who goes to see movies and that their old group just pirates movies now and don’t contribute at all. The gang eventually realizes they are at fault, but don’t blame themselves.

Towards the end, they don’t grasp the idea of the literal torch being passed to the new Thundergun, and this is when things go majorly south. Charlie constantly states that he doesn’t get it, along with the gang refusing to accept reality. The focus leader loses it on them. Shortly after they head out, Frank states he recorded the whole thing. In a ridiculously hilarious and unrealistic fashion, they post it on an online pirated website, and the audience hates it to the point where the studio pulls the plug on it and reboots it with a new, raunchier Thundergun. The episode ends with the Gang pirating the reboot off the internet.

This episode had some classic hilarious moments. From Charlie just randomly bursting out “F*** YOU” to the focus leader to Frank talking about Thundergun “raw dogging it with women,” the gang was in classic form here. It had its moments but wasn’t a perfect episode. Nonetheless, it was certainly another strong one from this epic series. Overall, it was a good episode, and I expect a lot more of these throughout the season.


8.4 Rum Hams/10.0