This week’s It’s Always Sunny was another great one. We are introduced to Dennis and the boys hatching another scheme that isn’t exactly specified but is stated to be huge. As they go on continuing this, Dee enters and starts to barge in, wondering what they are doing. The rest of the gang blows her off until she finally proclaims what today is, as they have forgotten. Dee reveals that it is, in fact, her day, where they have to do everything she says with no complaint, properly called “Dee Day.” Now this is the second of these days we have seen in the show, as Mac Day was the first (RIP Country Mac), and a few others have been referenced.

The Gang Gets Political

The premise of this episode is great, and it constantly has you guessing as to what they are trying to do. Eventually you find out they are trying to stop a congresswoman from voting on a certain law that the gang wants to be put into place. Hilarity ensues as they try to hatch their plan while in Dee’s grasp. This episode has a lot of great callbacks that fit perfectly into the show. The first we see is Charlie going back to his old school where he used to be a janitor with the intention of impersonating the nurse to call the congresswoman to pick up her kid. Once Charlie arrives, he realizes the nurse already returned from lunch, so he is unable to place the call. He tries to get him away to do so, mentioning in the meantime he “used to be close with a Juggalo.”

Another great callback is Dee’s play she makes in which the rest of the gang is dressed as former costumers of Dee’s including Mr. Covington, Taiwan Tammy, Martina Martinez, and Crazy Paddy. Mac as Taiwan Tammy and Frank as Martina Martinez went to the valet parking to try and steal the congresswoman’s car, but Frank constantly dry heaving over clams in the ridiculous outfit scares her off. As she drives away, Mac tries to crash into her with the car but crashes into someone else off-screen.

Back at the pub, Dennis as Crazy Paddy and Charlie as Mr. Covington are forced to engage in a heated kiss as Dee enjoys from her directors’ chair. Their last attempt to succeed in their plan is to have Dennis try and seduce her when Dee gives Dennis makeup wipes to use, which completely deflates Dennis, literally. Pale, messy hair, and no confidence/awkwardness leads to a very creepy encounter between Dennis and the congresswoman that fails miserably.

Dee Day Ends – Or Does It?

They return back to Paddy’s as their day ends, and they reveal to Dee their plan. She claims that she already knows and states that she slashed her tires outside. As the day seems to end, they begin to rip on Dee – until she cleverly reveals she moved the clocks ahead an hour, and since they now technically trashed her on her day, another Dee Day gets to occur.

Overall, this was a great episode with multiple layers to it and great jokes along the way. Hopefully throughout the rest of the series, we will get to see more of these days, but we will have to see. Through three episodes, this season has been great, and it is exciting to see where they go with the rest of the season.


Episode Rating: 8.8 Ghouls/10