In this episode of Inside the Perimeter, Chris Kirschner of The Athletic was kind enough to join the show. You can follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisKirschner and read his work at The Athletic Atlanta. I strongly suggest you do both. 

To start the episode, Chris recounts his experience covering the College Park Skyhawks’ open tryouts, which took place at Woodward Academy last Saturday. He talks the energy in the room, finding the right balance on the court, and what each player is fighting for. He also goes into specifics on Kevin Ware, the former Louisville and Georgia State star who’s trying to break the stigma around his infamous 2013 injury. 

After a brief discussion about College Park, the Chrises move into the upcoming season in Atlanta. Chris gives his take on each rookie, as well as the growing dynamic between Trae Young and John Collins. He offers his pick for best player on the roster, as well as someone who might take a meaningful step forward in 2019-20. 

To cap things off, the discussion shifts to playoff basketball and the Hawks’ odds next season. Chris touches on the roster, the burden of expectation for Young, Collins and Huerter, and what Atlanta’s primary goals are. 

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