Welcome to the first episode of Inside the Perimeter, a TPL podcast dedicated to the Atlanta Hawks and College Park Skyhawks. In addition to our written content, you can rely on this podcast for up-to-date opinion, news, and analysis. We will host guests, answer mailbag questions, and much, much more. 

For our inaugural episode, it was only fitting to join Jack Duffy of Queen City Buzz (our new Hornets/Swarm podcast) and Jason Blevins of The Blue Route to talk rebuilds. Philadelphia has gone through it, the Hornets are just starting it, and the Hawks fall somewhere in the middle. It makes for a dynamic conversation. 

Topics range from locker room culture, to team-building philosophy, to the importance of the G-League as a developmental tool. You can listen to the podcast here, as well as on iTunes and Spotify. Please give us a review and a five-star rating, if you deem it worthy. Thanks for listening!