This is Howie-Do It. Considering how excellent the series premiere was, the title of episode two couldn’t have been more appropriate. Although it wasn’t as strong as the first episode, High Bar brings some excellent character moments while Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy wreak havoc at a Bar Mitzvah for Penguin’s nephew.

Getting over a breakup is hard, especially when all of your best friends are super-villains. Luckily Harley has Poison Ivy on her side, voiced by the great Lake Bell. Ivy might be one of Gotham’s most notorious criminal, but she is by far the most supportive friend Harley has on her side. A great chunk of this week’s episode continues the theme of Harley Quinn convincing herself that she deserves better.

Unlike the first episode, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy took a breather in episode two. I’m simply loving the treatment some of the main characters have been getting in this show so far. The standout in episode one had to be the fresh take on Commissioner Gordon.  In episode two, the highlight of the show had to be the introduction of Bane, voiced by James Adomian.

Caffeine is my reckoning…

Other than some extensive voice work in other television shows, some may remember James Adomian from his George W. Bush impression from 2008’s Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Bane wanting to blow everything up was incredible. At one point, he even offers to blow up the Bar Mitzvah. Adomian’s Hardy-heavy impression of Bane brought some serious laughs in episode two.

The concept of our favorite DC villains hanging out together, drinking coffee and talking about their day is hilarious. This is where our episode begins, with Bane and Scarecrow asking Joker how he is handling being dumped by Harley Quinn. This immediately sends Joker into a full-blown tantrum.

Joker joins Good Morning Gotham

Joker clearly needs to clear the air and do so as soon as possible. And how would the Clown Prince of Crime accomplish such a feat? By telling everyone on Harley’s favorite morning show on television, of course! This creative decision for Joker to utilize the media to express himself was genius. This nod to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker was beautifully idealized.

Joker joins Howie Mandel on Good Morning Gotham obsessed with destroying any kind of credibility Harley Quinn possesses. Joker is hell bent on reminding the public as to why Harley Quinn needs him. Howie Mandel’s run in the DC Universe didn’t last long, with the Joker eventually blowing him up off camera within the first few minutes of the episode. RIP Howie.

Just as we saw in the premiere, Harley Quinn is tired of not being acknowledged and wants others to know how much better she has been without the Joker. How would Harley Quinn accomplish such a feat? By crashing a party thrown by the Legion of Doom, of course! Harley brings her sexiest costume, sunglasses and pet tiger in order to shock her fellow villains. In hilarious fashion, the party turns out to be a Bar Mitzvah for The Penguin’s nephew.

We support you Harley…

Harley convinces her colleagues that 1) Joker doesn’t have any superpowers and 2) there is no reason any other super-villain in Gotham should continue to be bullied by Joker. Bane approves and stands up for himself to the Joker, who flees the party because of a “phone call.”  

My Grade – 8/10

Watching Harley Quinn stand up for herself and demand respect as a super-villain continues to provide everything you want from an animated DC comics television show. I’m really hoping that we see key characters such as Commissioner Gordon and Bane return in future episodes. Gordon and Bane have truly carried the show for me so far. The 3rd episode of Harley Quinn releases on December 13th.